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"Dammit, let me out of here!" A giant black cobra growled angrily as he tackled the solid walls of a cage, which was actually a carrier being pulled along by a truck. Actually, the truck was pulling two carriers, one smaller than the one that held the thrashing 40ft long cobra. In the other carrier was a more submissive hedgegarter, who could only listen to his friend in concern, keeping his 13ft long body coiled up against a corner. The snakes were Dante and Ceryl, captured by some immortal hunters who were asked to try their luck with bringing the two snakes back to the museum in the neighboring city.

The truck traveled along a highway, not concerned with Dante's thrashing, since his carrier was made of thick steel and some padding on the inside so he couldn't hurt himself, but that didn't deter Dante from trying to break the doors open. The doors of course were locked pretty tightly though, so the most they did was shudder from the tackling... Once the truck arrived at its destination, the hunters got out to get the caretaker of the museum, while Dante sat panting, his body mildly sore from thrashing around so much. Only two small vent-like openings offered any light in the cage, but now that he felt movement cease, he figured the truck had stopped, and so moved to one of the vents, flickering his tongue to catch any scents. "Please tell me someone other than those damn hunters are out there..." He moved over to the adjacent vent and flickered his forked tongue frantically.

Worrying if the hunters would come back any minute, he blinked when he caught the scent of someone different. Anyone other than the hunters was a chance to get him out of there, and hoped the one he smelled would come closer, peering out through the vent. He kept his tongue going as he almost eagerly saw the person indeed wandering closer...
Malice the wolf by DemonSheyd500025
Malice the wolf
Guess who everybody who for some reason likes Saber! XD This isn't the wolf I'm referring to however, but this one is related... ERMAHGURD, RLY??? So who the hell is this guy, you may ask, well I'll give you a hint... Ready? e3e

It's Saber's father...

:noes: We're all doomed. XD Main reason being, Malice here is a variation of Hell Demon, a very dangerous type even for the category of Hell Demons in general... >_>; This type of demon is referred to as a thresher demon, but may also go by the title "whip-tail" demon. The reason for that name is because they use their tail a lot in battle. Why? Well... This special type of demon has a special type of tail which has super elastic, very strong ligaments that allow the tail to stretch out to a max length of 30ft... This is also a very quick motion, so it's not easy to catch the tail mid whip-out. The tail is used mainly as a sort of harpoon, as well as a wide circular sweeping weapon. And up close, they use their large claws to hack their foes/prey to shreds. Their talons and powerful jaws are also a daunting addition to their arsenal, being that once they get riled up, they pretty much turn into a living blender with rapid, almost erratic movements. You can tell when a thresher is about to go berserk when the wings retract into the body for easier movement. By the way, when the wings do retract in one's true form, the spines remain out on the back. So good luck trying to get on their back without being impaled. XD

Though this form looks totally badass, this isn't what Malice looks like usually. This is his true form, but like Saber, he, as well as thresher demons in general, are able to hide themselves via the guise of a mortal. Pretty much only other Hell Demons are able to tell out certain types of Hell Demons that happen to be wandering the surface of the planet, whereas any normal demon would only be able to tell that there's another demon going around, but not exactly what kind it is. XP Trademark of a thresher demon is the red sclera and gold irises and the barbed tail like Malice's. They also usually have blood red claws, and either red spines on the wings or red blades. But the main body colors can be pretty much any color.

Alright, now that the bio for general thresher demons is out of the way, let's get onto Malice himself. .3.
Name: Malice
Also known as:
Age: 4,600+ years
Species: Wolf mobian
Genetics: Hell Demon
Gender: Male
Skin color: Black
Hair/fur color(s)[can be split in two categories]: Grey and white
Eye color(s): Gold
Alignment: Evil
Height: 5'05"
Weight: 165lbs
Occupation: Destroyer (this may as well be the name of their classification)
Abilities: {Super speed, super senses, super strength, super durability} typical demon abilities. XP Is also inept at performing healing spells. Being his occupation he's bound to get hurt now and again. :/ And possession... He can also conjure up trapping spells that can do a number of things to those trapped within the seals.
Strengths: Killing, melee fighting
Weaknesses: Holy energy, out of range attackers(no shiz~ XP)
Top speed: 300mph
Description: Being in the class of Destroyer demons, Malice here is more of a nimble fighter, whereas others such as brawler demon are more powerhouses. It's unknown if thresher demons in general are quite like Malice, but this wolf is one who cares for his young. Typical of wolf behavior, but sometimes it doesn't really apply. >.> Anyway, On the topic of young, Saber isn't Malice's only offspring. Of course, since he's been around for a couple thousand years, he's had more than a few offspring. The thing is is that Malice has decided to only breed once, or at least a few times, every 100yrs, and during the time his kids are growing, he sticks around to keep them fairly safe until adulthood. Sometimes the kids are killed after he resides back to Hell, but it's not a devastating loss to him... The kids get sent to Hell anyway, so it just means they can't wander the surface anymore.

Martial status(married, dating, single, etc.): Mated
Sexual preference(optional[not encouraged]): Females
Personality(optional[not encouraged]): Cold, vindictive, can be creepy at times
Religion(optional[not encouraged]): Satanist

Stats(can add up to 40[each stat can have a maximum of 10])
Speed: 6
Agility: 7
Strength: 6
Defense: 5
Evasion: 7
Dexterity: 8
Intelligence: 5
Attack skills: 9

Date of birth: Sometime 4,600+yrs ago
Place of birth: Hell
Current residence: Either in Hell or some forest
Misc. attributes: Malice usually keeps his last mates until they're killed, before finding replacements. Also he's pretty level headed for a thresher demon. A thing about general thresher demons is that the full attributes don't always get passed down unless both parents are threshers, for some reason.

Dating or married partner(s): Cherain the demon wolf
Close friends:
Allies: His offspring and mates usually
Neutral(optional): general dark demons and evil beings
Rivals: Other Hell Demons, unless they get on his good side...
Enemies: Angels, hunters

Mother: ???
Father: ???
Other family members-
Son: Saber the wolf
(among many other children)

Favorite food: Bloody flesh, just like most demons XD
Favorite drink: Pfft~ Milk
Hobbies: Killing, being a scourge, lol
Likes: Being an actual parent, somewhat, when his children succeed at being demons...
Dislikes: When his mates don't always cooperate with him, being forced in pretty much any way
Weapons(optional): Claws, talons, teeth, tail, wings, horns, spines
Clothing(optional): Nope~
Items(optional): None
Latios by DemonSheyd500025
I dunno, I just wanted to finally see this pose in good graphics, because every other pic of this pose is meh quality at best... So this one's even better. :lol:
Marks of the Cores by DemonSheyd500025
Marks of the Cores
This are the chest marks of the cores. I know Celarus and Ventus' marks are reversed, because I figured to give the main ones, Sheyd and Celarus more intricate marks while Overload and Ventus are a little simpler, but still personalized. So yeah, that's their marks. And I tried to keep them all triangular shaped, so it all works in that sense as well. :U
Waiting by DemonSheyd500025
I don't know why but I love this pic out of all the ones I've made. owo Maybe it's his eyes... Yeah, it's his eyes~ It's official, Wraith is a smexy bastard, he doesn't even have to try, and he should be loved for it. XD


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My premium membership's almost expired! I have no money. DX I need points, that's the only thing I can resort to. Can I have some points please to get a new membership? I'm fresh out of it.. >_> And frankly, who likes the ads? So please help me out? :eager:

Commissions! I'm kind of a perfectionist, but lazy, so it may take a while, but pics will get finished! I work in MS Paint, 'cause I'm so simple minded.. >_> And I really need to pick up on how Sonic X does shading and such, 'cause I like that style, but I'm rusty on that... However, I'm not really good with clothes, as far as making them look loose. I tend to make them straight lined.. >_>; So I need to work on that too. But I'll try to make it look as appealing as I can. ^^; Hair's not my strong point either.... Man I need to practice.. ._.;

Single characters:
Lineart - 5pts
Colored - 7pts
Shaded - 12pts
Background - 20pts *please go easy, I'm not good at these..*

Multiple characters:
Lineart - 7-10
Colored - 10-15
Shaded - 15-20
Background - 20-25

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My laptop is being stupid. From a full charge, it dies within 5 minutes... It should last at least an hour, but no. It goes from 97% to 2% before it's even been 3 minutes. What in the mother of fuck is this thing's problem now???


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