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1) Pick 1-10 characters in a relationship.
2) Don't change the questions.
3) Let your OC's answer, not you (roleplay it if you wish).

Hmm... Needless to say, I'm usually the seme for some reason, so I have mostly males out of those in relationships. :iconicameplz: Anyway, off the top of my head, I have Slade, Fang, Dodge, Ashura, Zane, Valion, and... Jagger. :lol: Hahah! That last one took a moment to highlight in my memory. Most of my characters are loners. XD I do have a few more, but I don't know enough about their mates to include them. >u> But the honorable mentions would be Sky, Torn & Ladion, Zenith, Kira, Laura, and Oracion. I only know the minimal stuff about Sky and Tasha, Red's the mate of the brothers and he's kind of miswirred in the head, so I can only guess... I know very little about Seraphaim, and originally Zenith wasn't even homo. Though I'm not as good at being uke as I am at being seme apparently, so maybe that has a factor to play too, lol~ Kira and Aaron are a fairly new couple and haven't been played more than once yet, so... I have no experience with Laura's mate, who doesn't even have a name yet. XD And Oracion looked like such a good pairing for Axel, but he was already taken by another mortal, so she had to settle for his clone, Alex~

1. First, who are you, your age and your species?
Slade: Name's Slade, I'm around 7,300 years old, and I'm a vampire hedgehog.
Fang: My name's Fang, I'm around 98 years old, and I'm a half demon porcupine wolf hybrid.
Dodge: Name's Dodge, I'm around 32, and I'm a mortal hedgehog.
Ashura: I am called Ashura, my age by far exceeds this planet's age, and I am a vampiric Xevrazka. For this planet, I appear as a hedgehog.
Zane: I'm Zane, I'm over 50 years old, and I'm an immortal wolf.
Valion: My name is Valion, I'm over 8,500 years of age, and I am a vampire wolf.
Jagger: Hmph, name's Jagger, around 50 years old, and I'm an immortal wolf.

2. Now you've introduced yourself, who is your partner, their age, and their species?
Slade: My mate's name is Liv, I'd say she's about 25 or so, and she's a quarter blood demon wolf. More mortal than demon.
Fang: My mate is Rein, she's nearly 40 years old, and she's a mortal wolf.
Dodge: Well her name's Rosemary, or Rose for short, she's around 25 I think, and she's a beautiful mortal echidna.
Ashura: My mate's name is Eris, her age is only around 10,000 years, and she's a vampire cat.
Zane: Hmm, well her name's Dawn, she's around her 40's or 50's I'd say, and she's an immortal wolf. We used to be vampires...
Valion: Her name is Noon, sister of Dawn, I'd say she's about 36 or so, and she's a vampire wolf.
Jagger: Teh, her name's Baby, I'd say she's around 25 or 30, and she's an immortal echidna.

3. What makes your partner special to you?
Slade: *smirks some* She's the reincarnation of my first mate of the past.
Fang: Heh, well we're the alphas of our pack, and our connection as wolves are pretty damn strong, so yeah.
Dodge: She's just a sweetheart~ ^^ And we've been in enough similar grave situations each, so we're a pretty good match.
Ashura: Honestly I don't know what it is about her that makes me fond of her. I suppose she was just the only one on this planet that actually found me attractive not just because I'm a male or something.
Zane: Well, we both came from the same boat of turmoil, I guess. We were both pretty miserable vampires, with me growing moreso as time went on after I grew tired of being evil, and she developed a bond with me after a while. I just came to accept it once we started growing lighter, and after we were freed from our damned genetics, it was a lot easier.
Valion: Huh, well for one my mate is a descendant of my brother's pack, and she was handed off to me with the intent of producing offspring only to humiliate the Ravers, being that they're vampire hunters. I uh, guess it doesn't really matter much nowadays.
Jagger: Hmm, well she actually loves me, and she hardly questions most of my intentions.

4. Aw that's so sweet! So, have you ever been suspicious of your partner?
Slade: Teh, the only time I was suspicious of her was before I recognized her subliminal scent. She was a hunter when we first met, and she wasn't very savvy with the typical hunters who don't trust most supernatural creatures.
Fang: Of course not.
Dodge: Nope.
Ashura: Not at all.
Zane: Only when we were new to each other.
Valion: Like Zane, only when we were new to each other. Though she was much more suspicious of me than I was of her.
Jagger: Not really.

5. Let's move now... Have you used any pick-up lines with your partner? If yes, say which ones.
Slade: Uh, what are those?
Fang: Teh, no.
Dodge: The only one I used in a vague manner was "meet me at my place" after we got her out of the primals' house.
Ashura: I know not what those are.
Zane: No.
Valion: Of course not.
Jagger: Nope. Though she could have expected it methinks.

6. So what's the most embarrassing moment you've shared with your partner?
Slade: Teh, I was asleep at the time, but after we mated for the second time, we woke up with cum on our crotches, which had us stuck together...
Fang: None yet.
Dodge: Hmm... Well, when we were bein' held captive by some supernaturals, I'd had an intimate dream about Rose, and it was the most awkward thing when she woke me up. *chuckles*
Ashura: I try not to do or say anything embarrassing.
Zane: Well... More of a pitiful embarrassment was when I was so sucked up in despising being a vampire, and everyone of my pack kept trying to help me through my depression... *sighs lowly*
Valion: *holds his muzzle in thought* Mmm... I can't think of anything.
Jagger: Teh, I tend to hide any embarrassment, 'cause who wants to showcase that shit?

7. Oh I see... So, do you believe in sex after marriage?
Slade: I don't.
Fang: We don't go through a whole marriage ritual or anything, nor do we call it husband and wife. So in a way, yeah, but not under the same jurisdiction.
Dodge: Heh, I probably should, but when we first mated we weren't a married couple. We were under the pressure of either riskin' death without ever connectin', or connectin' for the first and possibly last time. We decided to go for the latter, and thankfully it never came to either of us dyin'.
Ashura: There's no point to it frankly.
Zane: Hmm, I don't think being married is the same as being mated, so... I don't.
Valion: Indeed not.
Jagger: Teh, screw that, I'll take whatever mate I'm happiest with.

8. Interesting... Now do you have any sexual desires you would like to try with your partner? If yes, what is it?
Slade: Nope.
Fang: No.
Dodge: Seein' Rose as a sex thing is a sin, so... No.
Ashura: Teh, I don't think that's what the question's implying. But we've got more than enough time to try a few different things, so I'm sure we'll stumble across something more fun to go for.
Zane: Hmph, kind of like Ashura, but sex isn't the prominent thing on my mind. Funny since I'm a male wolf. >_> But for now I have more important things to concern myself with than bodily pleasure.
Valion: I think the normal way is good enough...
Jagger: There's more than a few ways we go at it. *grins darkly*

9. Okay, now what really turns you on?
Slade: Mmph, well I do like when she rubs my chest fur...
Fang: Heh, kind of same as him.
Dodge: Ah, just physical touchin', but that doesn't come up very often.
Ashura: That seems to be one of the only things left for us to do anymore... Aside from care for the children, but when it's a common activity, it gets a bit boring...
Zane: I'm usually too preoccupied to be concerned with sex.
Valion: I really choose to mate sparingly.
Jagger: Baby dressing up usually.

10. Enough with that. So may I ask, do you know what your partners weak-point is? Does he/she know yours?
Slade: She loves being scratched behind the ears and between the wing joints. And she knows my weak spot of course~
Fang: Well, being wolves, we share the same weak spots of scratching behind the ears and belly petting.
Dodge: Heh, not much of a weak point, but she seems to like bein' petted on the cheeks. And I dunno about my weak spots.
Ashura: Like a wolf, she purrs at her ears being petted, or just about any part of her being petted. Heh, she's fairly touchy~ And I also enjoy easy stroking.
Zane: Scratching the ears usually, and same with me.
Valion: Stroking the ears and belly are pleasant for the both of us.
Jagger: Huh, I guess my answer would be the same as the other wolves here. :/

11. What if you caught your partner with another man/woman? Would you instantly assume that he/she is cheating on you or would you consider them friends? What would happen?
Slade: I'd simply consider them friends. I would try to find out the situation before assuming anything.
Fang: They'd only be friends, being that wolves bond for life.
Dodge: Well, it's pretty unlikely that she'd be more interested in another than me, but if ever she did find someone else, well I'd just like her to be happy...
Ashura: Heh, she wouldn't even consider finding a mate in anyone else.
Zane: We don't even have many friends to turn to, so it'd more likely be just small talk or something.
Valion: Same as what Fang said.
Jagger: Baby wouldn't even think to cheat on me, not because I'd do something to her or the guy, but she just doesn't ever want to be with anyone else.

12. Is there any fantasy you wished for between you and your partner? We don't mind hearing perverted answers.
Slade: None really. Except for perhaps us being together under a tree during a pleasant Fall night, playing my ocarina for her.
Fang: None.
Dodge: Well, I would like to see us in a beautiful forest with the kids playin' around. Maybe we'd be havin' a peaceful picnic or somethin'. *smirks at the mental image*
Ashura: Heh, honestly I'd like to see us back on Zakorai. I feel like an alien on this planet...
Zane: None.
Valion: I can synthesize whatever fantasies that come to mind, as long as they're okay with Noon.
Jagger: There aren't many fantasies that Baby wouldn't try, but I guess a good one would just be to have us living without danger of the supers all the time.

13. That's nice... So have you two had any fights between each other?
Slade: Well, the only real argument we've had was how to raise our children.
Fang: We try not to fight much.
Dodge: Same as him, it's really just a waste of energy.
Ashura: We really have scarce reasons to argue about anything, even if we don't feel completely content with something.
Zane: Teh, most of our arguing came from Dawn's mildly spitfire temper and my tendency to dwell on past scars...
Valion: When we were first living together, she resented me quite a bit, so that wasn't as fun as I found to be so in other mortals...
Jagger: Not really.

14. Oh, I almost forgot to ask! How did you confess to your partner? Did he/she reject your feelings or accept them immediately?
Slade: I'd say she was pretty accepting when I confessed my thoughts about her being my reincarnated past mate.
Fang: After her brother died, I just took up the alpha position, and she was pretty much immediate.
Dodge: Heh, she was more than acceptin'. Heck, she started lovin' me first.
Ashura: Immediate. And she was attracted to me, thus we mated to tie ourselves together.
Zane: Eheh, well she started liking me first, so...
Valion: Hmm, I'm actually not sure when she started accepting me to be honest.
Ashura: It was after she got amnesia.
Valion: ... Oh yeah.
Jagger: I just took her under my wing and she was hooked to me like a magnet.

15. How do you feel towards your partner's family members? Do you even know them?
Slade: I do and they're okay.
Fang: Teh, her family is my family...
Dodge: Well, she doesn't really have a family that I know of. I mean countin' those like her mother and father and siblings of course.
Ashura: Her family is long gone.
Zane: Of course, though not her family specifically. But we were both Ravers.
Valion: Well, they're okay with me of course, considering they're descendants of my brother.
Jagger: She's got no family from what I know, outside of us.

16. Since we are on the topic of family, do you two wish to start a family together?
Slade: In the near future, yes.
Fang: More like keep our large family going.
Dodge: We have started one. *chuckles*
Ashura: As have we.
Zane: Well, maybe...
Valion: We already have one, though at first it was for less friendly intentions...
Jagger: We have a family together.

17. Alright, the meme is done! What will you do now?
Slade: Hmm, I think I'll just wander the city.
Fang: Go back to my room to relax.
Dodge: Heh, I'll head home to be with Rose.
Ashura: I'm going to go hunting. *dissolves into the shadows and heads to the city*
Zane: I'm going home. *turns to head off*
Valion: Huh, seems there's not much else for us to do but their suggestions... *also goes off to hunt*
Jagger: Teh, I'll go get Baby and maybe we'll take a stroll around the city.
'Sunky' Torn by DemonSheyd500025
'Sunky' Torn
LOL! This is even more adorable than his chibi form~ XD

Torn: I are will be keeling you... Wait... Why I be talking weird?

It comes with the form~ Anyway, if he was in a 'Sunky' game, I came up with a few new controls for him:
Left/right - movement.
Space - jump (uselessly XD)
Down - makes him pound the ground for a powerful earthquake. Halts movement.
Up - forms a protective energy barrier around himself. Hold 'up' to keep the barrier active. Halts movement.

I know he's powerful, but to make it more fair in a game, he'd have the same 1-hit kill thing going on~ And slow walking, and Paper Mario spin-around movement. :lol: Complete with stick-out foot~ XD
Mobius; a planet of anthropomorphic animals, which has had numerous trials derived from the dark inhabitants, as well as from those not native to the planet. From enslaving the creatures and turning them into robots, to flat out attempts of destroying the planet, safe to say there wasn't much this world hadn't seen before. Even supernatural creatures were becoming the norm, though it was a recent unveiling. But now, something was going to happen that was going to make life very complicated on the planet...

The planet appeared in an abysmal dark space with some dark red and blue haze here and there, seemingly being looked over by a creature of roughly the same size as the sphere. The creature was virtually as black as the space around it, though its glowing red eyes told of its evil nature. It released a low, ungodly growl as it focused on the miniature planet, which was not the planet itself, but a simple projection encased in a bubble of sorts, zooming in on a peculiar creature. The creature in question was a large black jet-like monster feeding on a dead mountain demon; a Vantesq named Torn.

Torn was in the mountains where the namesake demons resided, naturally in his true form to devour the demon entirely - bones, hide and all. He ate the flesh in large chunks, finishing off the bones once they were defleshed of course, while blood caked his snout. His head lifted then when he felt a strange yet familiar sensation, making him look to the sky with a sharp leer and a low growl. "... What do you want now?"

"... You're on a time limit, Torn..." A demonic voice said in his head, making him scowl in wonder. "... The world is getting boring, and I'm going to 'liven up' the little cretins..."

"Huh, and how are you going to do that?"

The voice chuckled in a sinister tone. "... I can do anything from here... You're lucky I'm feeling generous enough to warn you, before I initiate my fun... I'll give the world one day to prepare, then it's up to them to survive..."

"Then why warn me first?"

"... Because, you are of our blood; a privilege you might say..."

"Hmph, quite a privilege coming from you..."

The voice chuckled again in amusement. "... Indeed... This is not the end of Mobius, yet... Just another form of entertainment at the expense of their suffering..." Torn growled lowly as the voice left him, shaking his head as he went back to eating the rest of his kill. The warning didn't much daunt him, for he didn't really care about the fate of the planet, but there were a few he'd have to warn of this. Stopping his ex-master was out of the question, but some survivors of whatever he was going to do would at least promise an eventual recovery.

Once Torn was done eating, he flew off to the city to his humble home, to warn his family first and foremost, sounding a short growl to get Ladion's attention. Ladion heard the growl and went to a window, looking out at his brother in wonder. "Keep everyone inside, Ladion."

"Uh... Why, what's wrong?"

"Something big is going to happen soon. I need to give a warning to Neon, then I'll brief you all when I come back."

"Um, okay then... Is there anyone I should warn when I know what's going to happen?"

"Hmph, you can if you want, but it's not courtesy of me. I couldn't care less what happens to the weaklings here. I'm only passing the word to Neon because I serve him."

"And everyone else can die. I know your mind, Torn." Ladion waved him off, getting a snort from Torn before he turned and headed for Neon's castle. "Great, so something else big is going to happen again. Wonder what it'll be this time..." Ladion sighed, turning to rally the kids and Red. Thankfully they all were home, thus when Ladion told them something was coming, there was a collection of confusion and mild fear. If it was serious, Ladion would be the one to go out and warn others. Though it couldn't be suspected just what people would do about what was to transpire...
RPS: Eve of reckoning
I'd say this is a few years in the future. So after Torn tells his family what happens, Ladion goes out to warn others; who he chooses first depends on who he runs into. :/
Renkai the mystery creature by DemonSheyd500025
Renkai the mystery creature
Alright, here's a creature that deserves recognition. :U It's a she, and has been a concept picture in my sketchbook for... Quite a while. Poor thing. <X3 I have no idea what she is, but she seems to be somewhat reptilian, though she's warm-blooded. She is an omnivore, she can see pretty good in the dark, she's pretty strong and can use her stout tail in a few versatile ways. Thankfully she's not aggressive, and rather inquisitive and friendly of people, though to be safe, literally, she has an innate ability to feel the intentions of others concerning her. In turn, she avoids those who would rather exploit her than care for her.

Funny that she looks somewhat like a Pokemon, and even slightly acts like one. XP Though she has no special powers like them. She also stands about 4ft at the back, and is about 8 to 10 feet from nose to tail. She can run at around 40mph, but she can't seem to talk. Thus naturally she makes various cooing, warbling, and trilling sounds to communicate, making her a rather cute creature. X3 As well as shrieks if threatened. In addition, she can understand certain words and gestures. Her feet are webbed, so she's a pretty good swimmer and enjoys a nice swim now and then. On the topic of water, she likes to be clean and soft, often letting others groom her if they offer. Though it's more pleasant to use a soft brush on her, since her fur is fairly short and sleek. The roughest she'll tollerate is a firm nubbed hair brush with a hollow head.

More on her diet; she may eat a wide range of foods, but she doesn't eat stuff that isn't healthy, such as artificial foods like sweets and tarts and foods with prominant seasoning, like Top Ramen. She prefers vegetables, fruits, meats, seafood, and dairy products.

For defense, she can use her hard claws, though while not sharp, are on limbs strong enough to break bones... And her thick tail can be swung relatively quickly and strongly, and can be used as either a whip or a bludgeon. And her bite can be pretty nasty too, with a relatively strong jaw and sharp canines. So if she's got a threat on the ground and stomps on it, she could break some ribs or bust some organs... Also her horns can be focused forward to stab or headbutt at threats.

Her senses work very well; can see about as far as a human can with 20-20 vision, can hear subtle sounds from up to 2 miles and loud sounds from multiple miles away, and sense of smell can detect aromas from multiple miles away, and can identify what the smells come from, and, in relation to weather, if rain is approaching.

Also about her fur colors; she may look to be a brownish color, but it's actually dark gold, and her underbelly and ears are beige. She is quite a beautiful creature, isn't she? XP Oh, and this pic doesn't show it very well, but she has 3 toes on each paw. Also- *collective groan* Hey! It's an original character, deal with a wave of info! >:U As I was saying, she even knows her name given to her from the first friend she made, granted she says it in response to "name" or "what's your name" and she says it in vague trills of course, though this is the only thing she can actually say. -3-

And I didn't draw the baby Renkai while jotting most of this down, but that little baby is the same one as the adult Renkai. That's what the babies look like. And funnily enough, she lays eggs. But thus far, she's one of a kind, and the origin of her egg is unknown... But their eggs are distinct from pretty much any other animal, being that they are a silvery color with a turqoise shimmer under most lighting, making them fairly easy to mistake for large beautiful stones. And I suppose I should say, there are no more than 6 eggs in any single clutch, which are guarded by the parents for about 3 months. This creature only breeds once every 10 years. Why? Well, no one knows of course. XD And I'm gonna say their lifespan is around 85 years, and adult Renkai here is about 7.


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My premium membership's almost expired! I have no money. DX I need points, that's the only thing I can resort to. Can I have some points please to get a new membership? I'm fresh out of it.. >_> And frankly, who likes the ads? So please help me out? :eager:

Commissions! I'm kind of a perfectionist, but lazy, so it may take a while, but pics will get finished! I work in MS Paint, 'cause I'm so simple minded.. >_> And I really need to pick up on how Sonic X does shading and such, 'cause I like that style, but I'm rusty on that... However, I'm not really good with clothes, as far as making them look loose. I tend to make them straight lined.. >_>; So I need to work on that too. But I'll try to make it look as appealing as I can. ^^; Hair's not my strong point either.... Man I need to practice.. ._.;

Single characters:
Lineart - 5pts
Colored - 7pts
Shaded - 12pts
Background - 20pts *please go easy, I'm not good at these..*

Multiple characters:
Lineart - 7-10
Colored - 10-15
Shaded - 15-20
Background - 20-25

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