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The world of Pokémon, that which was home to a number of regions connected by both land for the most part, ocean for the other part, and a universal love for the creatures that shared the planet with the humans. It was quite a beautiful place, save the few areas that were not such a sight to behold. Or rather, not in the marvelous way. This world, like any and presumably every world, had its shares of positive and negative images, but Pokémon made almost everywhere magnificent in its own way.

It was a clear, starry night, in a valley between two regions known as Sinnoh and Almia. Sinnoh was to the north, while Almia was to its south. Sinnoh was also the northernmost region, so it was one of the only ones to acquire a snowy continental point. Other than that, most of it was mountain terrain or forestry. And tonight, a small convoy of humans were traveling towards the valley just outside Sinnoh, to an area that a sudden immense power surge reached their institute's radars.

What made it most interesting was that this power surge wasn't from this planet... The humans were revealed as scientists, and they were anxious to see if it could have been a new breed of Pokémon. Their hunch was close, but what they didn't expect was to find something far more severe than any Pokémon's power that'd yet been recorded... They conversed with typical scientist notions as to what the surge or possible new Pokémon could be, as they drove in a couple of jeeps to traverse the terrain that was both grassland and mildly mountainous.

"To have a power this strong, it must have to be a big Pokémon." Said the scientist whom was driving the leading jeep.

"How big though? The surging is massive." The scientist in the passenger seat replied, eyeing a radar that was leading them to the source. "It's almost like when Mewtwo was created, with how much power it had."

The driver chuckled a bit. "I'm not sure this is another Mewtwo, but if this is stronger, then we'll have made a great discovery." The others nodded, watching their path ahead as they got closer.

They drove for a while, soon coming over the edge of the rugged terrain, and now wandered through the mild forestry of the valley. The radar the scientists were carrying then read the source as right next to them, so they slowed down and proceeded to scope around. Wandering out of their jeeps now, the group of scientists trekked the grassland with mild caution, in case this new Pokémon was hostile. Well, to a degree... They didn't need the radars when they finally came upon the source, which astounded the humans deeply.

What they saw was not one, but two huge black creatures seemingly sleeping, though they looked dangerous; built for battle, or war even... The creatures resembled latios, but with large quills littering their backs, bladed wing edges, and it appeared their mouths opened differently than normal. The scientists gawked at the two Pokémon with wonder, awestruck, before they started slowly pacing closer.

"What are those things?" One of them whispered.

"I don't know. They kind of look like latios, but they're... Otherworldly." The leading one replied, growing a bit nervous as they got closer. For some reason, they felt more and more unnerved around these creatures, as if they were instinctually true monsters that shouldn't have existed... The scientists stopped approaching when they stood about five meters from the black monsters, and just watched them silently. The deep breathing of the two was audible from that distance, which sounded like soft rumbling thunder.

"Uh, t-try to touch it, Mark." One of the humans pushed the front scientist forward, who yelped quietly as he stumbled.

"Some assistant you are." Mark scowled at the one who pushed him, before looking back to the beasts, and gulped as he paced closer, watching the appendages carefully for any sudden twitches. The others watched just as carefully, readying to call their Pokémon should any complications arise. When a large claw of the latios with red markings did twitch, Mark froze with a scared look, whimpering lowly as he stood only a couple feet from the large bladed wing laying to the ground. That caused tension among the rest of the humans there, but luckily the two black monsters didn't awaken.

Mark blinked nervously with his teeth clenched, before slowly stepping closer, wondering if this was such a good idea. The strong breathing of the two only grew clearer, and felt like the radiating energy coming from them was just unnatural. Upon pacing close enough to touch, Mark hesitantly held his arm out to the neck of the blue quilled latios and lightly felt a stroke of the black feathers with his fingertips. They were surprisingly soft yet strong, while the latios hardly seemed to notice. "Uh... What should we, do with these things?"

"Don't know." A female shrugged uneasily. "Maybe we could take them back to Professor Rowan's lab and see if he knows what they are?"

"And how do you suggest we carry these things, Val?" Another female asked with a brow quirked, as though unamused. "Not like our jeeps are meant to drag around huge dragon Pokémon. If that's what they are." She gazed at the large beasts that seemed to be around the size of steelix.

"I don't know. Maybe Luke could help out? His groudon and regigigas could really help."

"Ahah, right, and that's going to keep these things asleep." Mark retorted with sarcasm.

"Well what do you suggest? Putting a gallon of tranquilizer in them?" The female scientist said with a frown.

"... That might work." Mark withdrew his hand from the monster and dug around in a pocket, bringing out a syringe. He cautiously stepped a bit closer and put the needle to the latios' skin to push it in, but oddly, it wouldn't penetrate. It was like he was trying to poke it into a truck's tire. "What the?" He thought, growing confused. He didn't want to push too hard for fear of waking the beast up, but when the needle just couldn't get through, he pulled it back and stared at the spot of flesh.

"Maybe we should call Luke." Val suggested quietly.

"Yeah, let's do that." Mark agreed as he started moving away from the huge monster latios, still deeply afraid even being near the thing. They all paced back to their jeeps, watching the two warily all the while, and sat in the trucks trying to calm down. Mark dug out his cell phone and called up their institute, waiting for a moment before someone answered. "This is Mark, I need to speak to Luke please." He still had an uneasy tone in his voice, like he knew those creatures weren't to be messed with. When Luke came on line, Mark looked down to distract himself partially. "Hi, Luke. We kind of need you out here, with Groudon and Regigigas... Well, we kind of found, something, that we may need them to move. We want to take them back to Rowan's lab, but they're huge."

The two monsters didn't react to the commotion and continued to sleep. Or, appeared to be sleeping... They were actually quite awake, simply toying with the humans and their fear. They cracked open an eye each at each other, hidden from the jeeps, and smirked slightly to themselves. '... Quite amusing, no?...' Asked the one known as Sheyd, to which the other, known as Overload, smirked a bit more in approval.

'... Indeed... They're afraid to even stand a mere foot from us...' He chuckled softly, as did Sheyd. Apparently neither minded being touched and messed with for the moment, for they had planned this for fun of sorts.

Back with the scientists, Mark decided to take out a camera and tried to take a couple pictures of the two, but when he looked at the pictures, the two monsters seemed to appear as just masses of energy, swirling with black and dark red or dark blue. "... What the heck...?" He breathed in complete confusion, getting the others to sneak peeks at the pics.

"What... What are they?" Asked one of the males, to which all in the jeep just shook their heads without a clue. These things were hardly worth calling real Pokémon if they appeared like that in a camera, whereas normal Pokémon appeared as they plainly did.

"Well, we did make a great discovery. Not sure it was safe though." Val stated blankly, looking back to the two 'sleeping' creatures... The night was still fairly young by the time Luke arrived, who was driving a carrier with two large cages hooked to the trailer.

"What the heck did they find exactly that needs these things and my Pokémon?" He questioned himself as he drove over the rugged hill mindfully, and soon came up to the couple of jeeps, pulling up beside them.

Mark looked over at him and got out to talk to him. "Luke."

Luke stared at the two monsters in the distance with shock, never seeing or even hearing of any kind of creature like them before. "What are those?"

Mark heard his question as Luke stepped out of the truck. "Not sure. They look like latios, but..."

"Those things are monstrous." He finished, trying to comprehend the two.

"We're not sure how heavy they are, so I figured Groudon and Regigigas would be the best help."

"Huh, yeah they do look like they'd need the continent handlers to move them." Luke blinked, and turned to the truck to ready the cages. "Never thought I'd have to use these two for something like this." He admitted, before pulling out a couple ultra balls and threw them up with a 'go!' resulting in the two balls springing open with a white electric like energy surging out of them. The energies formed on the ground into a pair of strong looking legendary Pokémon; Groudon and Regigigas. Groudon growled lowly as it gazed down at its trainer, as Regigigas made a sort of guttural sound in wonder. "I need you two to collect those creatures over there and load them into these cages." Luke told them, to which they both stomped closer to the two monsters, the ground vibrating from their massive bodies.

Sheyd and Overload didn't seem to notice, giving the impression that they were out cold, but they suppressed their energies enough to keep from spooking the Pokémon away, otherwise this may not have been as interesting as they'd planned. The two titans paced up to the 'sleeping' ones, and got on either side of Sheyd, moving their arms to dig under his body and together they hefted the 5 ton monster. Or, that was what the two wanted to be, or else even these two wouldn't be able to lift him; they were using Telekinesis on themselves so they weren't their full weights, which was more around 2,000 tons... They made growls and groans to how heavy he was, and shifted him in a way they could walk back to the trucks. Sheyd just laid limp in a convincing façade that the movement didn't disturb him, while Groudon and Regigigas had to be careful of the bladed wings and quills. They slowly stomped to one of the open cages, their footsteps indented into the ground from the weight, and they carefully laid Sheyd down in the cage, which was big enough to hold a steelix, so it fit him perfectly. The two legendary Pokémon then turned to go collect Overload, which they had quickly learned that both of these creatures were the same weight. Again, they growled and groaned from the super heavy monster, who did nothing as he was carried cumbersomely to the other open cage, and laid in it with a perfect fit.

Luke noticed how his Pokémon were breathing slightly deeper from the strength they'd used, and wondered just how heavy these latios were. He closed the cages mechanically from within the carrier truck and tried to move, but the vehicle wouldn't budge. The wheels only spun in place with not even an inch's advance. "Holy crap, I can't move. They're too heavy..." He sighed as he sat back in his seat, starting to think of how they could transport the monsters. If they were latios, shouldn't they have been fairly light, even for their sizes? How could they be so heavy that the truck couldn't move? The scientists seemed baffled as well, watching the transporting effort with their arms crossed in thought.

"Hmm... I don't think the jeeps would be strong enough to haul one of them." Mark said.

"Well, maybe, albeit slowly." Val responded, blinking. "If we use both of them and be careful not to spin wheels."

"Huh." One of the males sounded as he nodded. "That might work. Let's give it a try." The others nodded too and went to tell Luke of the idea, to which he unhitched the cage with Overload and told Groudon and Regigigas to turn it toward the two jeeps. They went to do so, while Mark and another scientist turned the jeeps around and put them in place, before connecting the puller wires on them to the cage. "Alright, let's see if this works." The scientist mused as he and Mark started off slowly, while Overload's deadweight still kept the trucks from moving. But they kept at it and soon it started moving sluggishly.

"Groudon, Regigigas, help push the cages." Luke told his Pokémon, from which they obeyed and moved to help push the cages along, which instantly made the trucks start advancing, still slowly but faster than a slowpoke. They could only go as fast as the Pokémon could go, so the convoy cruised back into the Sinnoh region after an hour or two, having evaded the hill that they'd drove over before to save trouble with the overweight. It was early morning with the sun still hidden from the sky, as the trucks made it into Sandgem Town through the trees to the town's east, since the other directions weren't an option to enter the town with their cargo. The trucks stopped before they left the cover of the trees though to keep the two monster latios hidden, and the drivers got out with large tarps to cover over the cages in case they had to travel through cities. Groudon and Regigigas helped with the tarps, before the scientists strapped them down to the cages with steel clips. "Stay here, you two, and make sure nothing happens with these cages." Luke said to the two legendaries, which they nodded to.

The humans then wandered into town and headed to Rowan's lab, which was fairly easy to find. They went in and looked around for Rowan, who was in one of the backrooms, looking to be writing something. "Hey, can I help you guys?" One of the assistants said as he walked over to the scientists.

"Yeah, we need to see Rowan for a moment. We found something out in the valley south of the region and we wonder if he might have an idea as to what they are." Mark explained. The assistant blinked in wonder and nodded, before turning to go to the backrooms.

"He's back here." He waved them to follow, which they did. He led them to the room Rowan occupied and paced over to the busy looking professor. "Professor Rowan, some scientists would like to speak to you."

"Hm? What is it?" He turned to face the group in question.

"We have something outside that we'd like you to see. We think you might know something about them." Val said, getting Rowan to nod and stand.

"Lead the way then." He followed them out as they led back to the woods, partially wondering why they were doing this so early in the morning. He himself hadn't even realized how early it was, as he'd stayed up all night. The scientists led him to their trucks, which Rowan was mildly startled at the sight of Groudon and Regigigas standing there, but that must not have been the concern.

"They're in these cages. We're not sure what they are, but they're quite unnerving to stand near." Mark explained as he lifted one of the tarps to reveal the black monster latios within, still 'sleeping'. Rowan looked into the cage and flinched at the sight of such a creature.

"My word, what... I, have no idea what that is."

"Oh... Well we have two of them, so..." One of the males stated.

"I've never seen this kind of creature before."

"And here's what it looked like when I tried to take a picture of it." Mark said as he brought out his camera and opened up the pictures of Sheyd and Overload, which still showed them as large masses of black and dark red or dark blue mists. Rowan looked over and the camera and furrowed his brows in confusion.

"That's how this creature looks like in a camera?"

"I guess so." Mark put his camera away, having no further use for it.

"That's truly bizarre. No Pokémon I've ever heard of does that in camera pictures... Hmm." He looked in at Overload again, looking over his huge bulky body, that which inflated and deflated gently with his deep breathing. "It seems like it resembles a latios, which is a Hoenn native Pokémon. You may have to travel there and ask Professor Birch if he has an idea as to what this creature is. All I can think of is it could be some form or new breed of latios."

"Hmm." Mark sounded as he held his chin in thought. "How are we going to get there though? These things are super heavy."

"How so?"

"Well, when Luke tried to haul them both, the truck wouldn't budge, so we had to split them to the carrier truck and our two jeeps while Groudon and Regigigas pushed the cages from behind."

Rowan blinked at that. "Really? They're that heavy?" He looked at Overload again, thinking he must have been exceedingly strong, since muscle weighed much more than fat, and with how big he was on top of that... "Hmm, I think you'll have to go to Canalave City and get them to ship you and these creatures to Hoenn. If these things are that heavy, I believe a ship is the only seafaring route for you to take. A chopper might run out of fuel before you get there."

"Right, since Hoenn's so far away from here." Mark crossed his arms thoughtfully.

"Heck, even Orre's a little closer since it's on this continent." Val stated.

Luke sighed. "Guess we're going for a cruise."

"Do they allow vehicles on board?" One male asked Rowan.

"Some of their ships do. I think reserving a ride is all you have to worry about."

Mark nodded. "And uh, how do we get up to Jubilife City and into Canalave? Jubilife has a cave blocking land vehicle passage and Canalave has a measly wood bridge over water that would break like a twig under this kind of weight."

Rowan held his chin in thought, stumped on that one. "Hmm... Well, I suppose you could bypass the cave to Jubilife by trekking through the woods off to the side. The land levels out some off beside the hiking track."

"Hmm, then maybe we could ask someone for help. The people in Jubilife must have some Pokémon who could maybe give us a hand."

Luke nodded. "Maybe. Uh, what'll we do about Groudon and Regigigas though?" Mark looked up at the towering legendary Pokémon and rubbed the back of his head in wonder.

"Huh, didn't think of that."

"Well in any case, they're helping us with our cargo, so I don't think anyone will get too curious." Val concluded, to which the others nodded to her.

"I wish you all luck, both with getting to your destination and handling those creatures." Rowan said as the scientists got back in their trucks.

"Thanks, Rowan, take care." Luke responded, before they cumbersomely took off to Jubilife, with Groudon and Regigigas pushing on the cages to go faster. They decided to stay within the trees all the while, since they'd just go right back into them again if they went off onto the hiking trail. That bypassed the bunch of raised land ledges as well, which seemed easier, what with how big the cages were. The trucks had to go fairly slow so as not to run into any trees, both for the trucks' sakes and the cages, but they eventually came up to the cave ridge. They simply went around it off to the side, where the ground wasn't exactly level, but it was a straight flat path. "Get ready to push up a slope, guys." Luke warned his Pokémon as they started trudging up the slope that was a little steep. Groudon and Regigigas planted their feet with each slow step up the hill, all having to be careful that the trucks' tires didn't decide to suddenly slip or something. Nearby wild Pokémon watched them curiously, but uneasily at the dark feeling coming from the cages. They could feel the sheer evil and power, so a lot of them didn't hang around. The few who did watched in wonder yet a bit of admiration at the two legendary Pokémon and how they didn't seem as spooked.

Groudon and Regigigas appeared neutral about the feel of the cargo, but in truth they were deeply nerve-wracked as well, being so close to what they knew as deadly, evil monsters. They only were keeping level heads for the sake of their trainer, in which they wanted to keep proven to him that they were relatively bold and adamant Pokémon, but they would anxiously return to their balls once their momentary use was done with.

The trucks soon successfully climbed up the slope with no incidents and turned onto the path to Jubilife City. The two titans continued to push the cages around, which on the weight distributor scale was, the two were handling the bulk of the work while the trucks just alleviated some of the weight whilst directing where to go. That didn't seem to bother the Pokémon much, since they were built to manage heavy duty work in the first place.

"Um, how are we going to get up the stairs?" A male scientist questioned Luke, whom blinked at the point.

"Hmm... I guess we'll have to miss the stairs and go up the slope beside them."

"Or we could round over to the north entrance. I don't think that way has stairs to bother with." Val suggested. Luke looked over to the northern exit of the city and noticed that it was indeed a flat passage, so he nodded and turned to go to the north end of the city, making the two jeeps follow.

The people of the morning hours noticed the movement off to the side of the city and looked curious, seeing in the faint light what the Pokémon were. Much to some trainers' dismay, the two seemed to already be owned and weren't up for grabs, so they kept their distance. The trucks soon rounded into the city and traveled to the large fountain in Center Square, stationing there until they found someone to help. Luke decided to get out and check on his cargo, all three trucks shutting off for the moment. He lifted the tarp and looked in at Sheyd, seeing the huge evil dragon still 'sleeping' quietly. Though all the while, the two were starting to get bored.

'... How much longer until we can pester them?...' Overload asked telepathically to Sheyd.

'... Just wait until they're alone, then we can have fun with them...' He replied dully, as if about to really fall asleep. He inhaled deeply and let out a strong breath, which Luke felt as a bored one. He shuddered a bit uneasily, somehow knowing that that wasn't a good thing. He stepped away from the cage and looked off to a random direction to distract himself, though the radiating energy was always there, creeping up his spine like a ghost. He shivered again and moved away from the cage, growing more nervous by the second.

"You feeling that too?" Mark asked, watching him distantly with an uneasy gaze.

"That evil feeling? Yeah. It's like it's as obvious and blatant as oxygen." He crossed his arms as he leaned against the nearby building, which hid the GTS in a dead-end section of the city.

"You think anyone will help us?" Val asked, watching Groudon and Regigigas wander over to Luke to get out of plain sight.

"If they see a couple of legendaries, who wouldn't?" The male scientist said sarcastically. He knew most anyone who had a legendary Pokémon would almost always get attention for apparently having such skill as to acquire them. The others knew he was right, though they didn't retort anything. Before long, the sun rose and the city started to wake up more, baring more people with some carrying around small Pokémon.

Sheyd and Overload had fallen asleep by now, while some of the citizens had taken notice of the visitors and wandered close curiously. Although with the ever present evil energy radiating from the two Zar-Väntesq, the people and Pokémon stayed clear of the cages. They talked to the scientists instead, and some had considered helping them, but couldn't due to weak Pokémon or daily conflictions, while they did manage to find a few trainers willing to lend a hand. The scientists got back in the trucks after the trainers showed their Pokémon, which were a handful of Psychic types and a few Water types and Normal types, and started off for Canalave.

The trainers had to reason with the gate guards to let the trucks through, since for vehicles there was a weight limit of 3,000 lbs. and while the trucks were hauling over three times that amount each, the trainers told the guards that their Pokémon would help lighten the load.

"Well alright, if you can get the weights down within the limit. The vehicle path is to the side." The guard allowed. The trainers went back out, seeing the vehicle gateway opening up, and they followed after the trucks. The drivers were careful not to bump anything into the trees or main gate, with Groudon and Regigigas pushing the cages along, thus they were allowed to go through the vehicle path as well. The guards were more than a bit surprised to see two large legendary Pokémon pushing the trio of trucks along, as well as curious of their cargo. "Say, what are they carrying anyway?"

"I dunno, all they told us was that they're super heavy and some kind of Pokémon." One trainer replied.

"Either it's a lot of Pokémon or two huge ones." The second guard inquired, which the trainers agreed, before passing through the main gate. When they met up with the trucks, waiting before the bridges for vehicles, the trainers called out their Pokémon. Most Psychic types could only lighten super heavy things by a couple hundred pounds, so it would take a bulk to get 10,000+ lbs down to 3,000- lbs... The Water and Normal types would help fortify the bridges by going underneath them and pushing them upward. The bridges were otherwise sturdily built for moderately heavy loads, but super heavy cargo had to be lightened somehow, or they weren't allowed to cross, being as they couldn't anyway. After the trainers ordered their Pokémon the corresponding moves or orders, the Water and Normal Pokémon got into place, while the Psychic types used their telekinetic powers on the trucks to lift the weight. Altogether, they managed to take off just a little over the limit.

Luke's truck went first, moving cautiously slow, but fast enough that the weight didn't strain the bridge or the Pokémon. The Pokémon under the bridge made groaning sounds as they held up the weight, while the bridge creaked and bent a bit as the truck easily rolled across. The Psychic Pokémon held up okay, but bore strenuous postures. It was fairly obvious that not all of them were very strong yet, but the first truck soon made it to the other side. Now for the other two. Question was, how to fit two trucks on a one vehicle wide bridge? Two jeeps matched the strength of Luke's carrier truck, but without one, the strength was half, and thus wouldn't be able to move the cage.

"... I have an idea!" One of the trainers announced. "Just hook up your jeeps one before the other and you both can linearly pull the cage."

"That's a good idea." Mark admitted. "Let's do it." A couple of the scientists got out to disconnect the second jeep from the cage, helped by the trainers, and the jeep moved ahead in front of the first one. The second jeep was then hooked up to the other and the scientists got back in their truck, before trying the idea. The following jeep started to go first, but as predicted, it wasn't strong enough to pull the cage on its own, and which the leading jeep moved on, and with the help of the Psychic Pokémon, the two were able to cumbersomely pull the second cage along. The Pokémon holding the bridge up groaned at the weight, but stood fast, while the two legendary Pokémon watched from the one side.

The second truck soon made it to the other side, meeting Luke's truck outside the gate to Canalave City. "Alright, you two, come on over!" Luke called to his Pokémon, to which they motioned to cross the bridge themselves, luckily being much lighter than the trucks anyway, so the bridge held up well to them. The only real worry was keeping balance on the bridge while it swayed a bit from the shifting weight. The scientists watched them with concern, hoping they didn't panic suddenly and fall off, and possibly break the bridge in the process. Luckily the two made it across, their heavy footsteps pounding on solid ground again. "Good job, guys!" Luke praised, which seemingly made the two titans happy. Luke then turned back to face the trainers on the other side. "Thank you!" He waved with a grateful smile, which the trainers replied with the typical 'you're welcome!' and 'no problem!' and they recalled their Pokémon before heading back through the Jubilife gate. "Alright guys, back to pushing for a little bit more." Luke said to his Pokémon, which they nodded to and got behind the trucks, ready to push them along. Mark and some others got out to realign the jeeps to side by side for more balanced strength, and when that was done, they headed through the Canalave gate by the vehicle path and cumbersomely wandered into the port town.

The inland ship docking area was wide and partially filled with idling ships, as well as smaller boats and even a few yachts, but the main interest for this convoy was a ship bound for Hoenn that would also carry vehicles, and one that could hold up over 20,000 lbs. not including the rest of the crew and passengers. And of course Groudon and Regigigas inevitably attracted the attention of more than half the city, causing a crowd around the trucks, everyone raving about the legendaries. "I'm sorry everyone, but can we please find somewhere to park before we get into a frenzy?" Luke requested with half exasperation, half concern for if anyone got too close and managed to hurt themselves on one thing or another. Right at the moment wasn't the time to swarm the legendaries for crying out loud...

The clamoring though had woken the two Zar-Väntesq, and during the day was not favorable to disturb them... While the trucks tried not to run anyone over and the two pushers tried not to accidentally step on anyone, Sheyd and Overload saw the humans clearly through the tarps thanks to their aura vision, and they were quickly getting annoyed with the commotion. '... Are you thinking what I am?...' Sheyd telepathed to his power half.

'... If you're thinking to "disband" this crowd, then I have the same thought in mind...' Overload watched a few people as they bumped into the cages, while their radiating energies retained the effect of piercing a deep spontaneous fear in any nearby heart. The people felt the power and grew confused, as well as unnerved. It couldn't have been from the two pushers, they weren't doing anything to invoke fear. They started backing off nervously, giving the trucks a chance to move ahead. They soon came to the drawbridge, that which appeared much stronger than the last one, though they still cautiously went one at a time. Luke went first across the bridge, happy no ships were departing yet, and safely made it to the other side, where the gym and large library stood proudly. The other trucks followed across the bridge just as safely, and the three rendezvoused beside a courtyard just a little past the port canal.

"Whelp, now to find that ship." Mark mused to himself as he climbed out of the jeep, though instantly feeling the annoyed energy coming from the cages, and simply shuddered, before somewhat cowering away from them. "I hope those monsters aren't awake..." He thought nervously, really hoping to be rid of them soon. He'd never felt such a degree of fear since he was a child from something rather trivial. The others felt the darkness as well and also moved away.

"Is it really such a good idea to be messing with these things? Maybe we should have left them in that valley." The male scientist stated uneasily.

"Well, people say that the things that no one knows about are more valuable." Luke mused. "If these things are a new breed or form of latios, we could be lugging around a whole bank vault worth. Not that that's my interest for these two!" He quickly added with a sheepish chuckle.

Val looked at him shrewdly. "You do seem to bring up money a lot though."

"Well I'm not that cold. Whether these things give us the chills or not, they're still living creatures, and I wouldn't think of them as just items of trade. That's more like something Team Rocket would do."

The others just quirked their brows at him, seeming unamused, and they turned to go ask the sailors about the ships here. Sheyd and Overload watched the scientists blandly, still tired, and decided to withhold the annoyance of earlier and just go back to sleep, since now wasn't their domain. They'd toy with them when night fell again.

"Well you better hurry, the last one heading to Hoenn leaves in ten minutes." A sailor said as he pointed out the targeted ship that was about to depart.

"Thank you, sir." Mark said as they went back to the trucks and quickly started them up. Luke called to his Pokémon, and after they turned around, they hauled their cargo to the ship. The guard was about to close off the entry point, but paused when the three trucks blared their horns to get him to stop. "Hey! Room for us?"

"We're gonna cut close. Hurry up!" He ushered them aboard, and which the trucks wheeled the cages over the bridge. The guard closed the gate off once both haulers were in, and the bridge retracted back into the ship. They found a pretty good parking spot and stationed beside each other, positioning the cages further from everything else. "You'll have to tie your cargo down." Said another guard to the convoy. They nodded and started strapping the cages to the deck, while the ship soon bellowed its fog horn in indicating that it was leaving.

Luke ran up to the railing at his Pokémon still on the land, and pulled out their respective balls, pointing them at the two. "Return!"  The balls sent a red energy beam to the two from the buttons and withdrew the legends, much to their relief to be safe from the evil energy. Luke put his balls back onto his belt and went back over to the trucks. The drawbridge started to open as the ship started off heavily, and either end was blocked off until it closed again. The ship pushed through the gate-like bridge, and sounded its deafening fog horn again when it cleared the port. Sheyd and Overload were woken again by the blaring horn, and growled with agitation.

'... The next human that wanders close and from them on I'm going to devour them...'

'... As am I...'
Overload seconded, watching sharply who wandered close. Only a short while passed before he poked his snout from the bottom of the tarp, getting a couple of glances from people, and his eyes glowed to cast a controlling hypnosis. From which the struck humans paced blankly to the back of the cage and furtively climbed in, since the bars were wide enough apart that a human could fit between them. Overload growled darkly and motioned his head to engulf his deadly jaws around the humans, devouring them quietly. Sheyd caught on to his tactic and copied him, poking his snout from the bottom of the tarp and getting people to glance at him curiously. He casted a controlling hypnosis to get the humans to wander into his cage as well, and which he swiftly consumed them. Happening to be, they were a bit hungry since the scientists first found them. No one aboard noticed the silent murders, but a few Pokémon did catch the scent of blood and grew curious. The scent wafted from those cages, but so did that evil energy. The Pokémon soon became wary and attentive of the cages, but left them alone.

"Glad we caught the ship before it left. We would have had to have waited till tomorrow for it to return to Canalave." Mark smirked at Luke, who nodded and sat against the front wheel of his truck.

"Yeah. I'm not sure I'd want to hang around these creatures for much longer. I feel like something's gonna happen if they stay around."

"Something bad, huh?"

Luke nodded. "I don't like them, honestly. They have that pure evil vibe."

"I know. Heck, they even look the part. And when I touched the one, it felt like doom was immanent..."

"You touched one of them?"

"Yeah, John pushed me to it, and I didn't exactly want to just turn tail. Though aside from the feeling of dread, its feathers were pretty soft. And, when I tried to stick it with a tranquilizer, I couldn't get the needle to go through the skin."

Luke blinked from that in wonder. "The needle wouldn't go through? Huh." He held his chin in puzzlement, never heard of a creature whose hide was unbreakable.

"And of course I didn't want to break my needle, so I just quit."

"Hmm, I think tranquilizer works with ingesting it too. How you'd get them to swallow it though, I don't really know, unless their mouths just happened to be open and you threw a couple vials in."

"Yeah, but I don't think I'd want to see them with their mouths open." He shivered lightly at what they'd open their mouths for besides yawning.

"Touché." Luke looked down at the floor with the same thought.

During the ship ride, the weather offered comfortable conditions of balmy temperature and a light breeze with moderately calm waters. While some of the passengers had gotten a little motion sickness, others were trying to manage their Pokémon, which were playing around rather rambunctiously. None of them trusted being around the oversized cages however, but as long as nothing happened, they were no more than watchful. The Zar-Väntesq slept the majority of the cruise away, being that now they could subconsciously ignore the docile noises of the people. Still, no one really caught on to the kills they'd made earlier, but people did wonder where the killed had gone. The ship was fairly large, but they should have turned up eventually... It was around mid afternoon by the time the ship reached the ocean water bordering the Kanto and Johto regions, and it shifted course to dock in the city of Vermilion to refuel. The captain called in to the Vermilion ship dock to request to dock, which they were granted access. The ship blared its fog horn as the gates to the port opened up for it, and it was pushed into place by a couple of towboats, before anchoring.

Unfortunately the horn dragged the two monsters out of sleep again, making them irritated that it was still day hours. Sheyd snarled lowly in threat to do something about the disturbances, which made nearly everyone jump in surprise and fear, and they only got more unnerved as Overload growled as well.

The scientists, who were right next to their trucks most of the time, shuddered with a scared energy of their own, staring blankly in both wanting to check on their cargo and not. They quickly scrambled away as the two kept growling in a demonic tone, a sound no Pokémon's ever been recorded to make before, or even any normal animal. "Uhh... Sh-should we check on, them?" Mark asked shakily.

"M-maybe..." John replied, as he stood and went to cautiously lift the tarp on Sheyd's cage, enough to see the irritated evil dragon. Sheyd suddenly turned his eyes to him as his claws tensed and his teeth bared, making John freeze in fear, aside from a light trembling. A low growl from the demonic creature made him quickly stammer backward with a scared whimper. The others backed away as well, and flinched as Sheyd huffed deeply.

"H-how is it, John?" Mark asked, staring at the cages.

"I uh... Think it's annoyed... Probably from the ship's horn." He continued to shudder at the image of Sheyd's soulless red eye that glared at him with both an agitated and groggy impression.

"Maybe they're trying to sleep. They could be nocturnal creatures. And being rudely awakened is angering them." Luke mused, though he suddenly jerked when he heard Sheyd's telepathic nightmarish voice echo in his head.

'... Oh, you believe so?...' It also had a sarcastic tone. Luke simply freaked out at that, whimpering tensely as he scrambled away and off the ship. The others looked on after him in wonder, before glancing to each other with concern.

"Uh, maybe we should see what that was about." Mark suggested, to which the others nodded shakily and went to follow the scared human. Sheyd and Overload watched them go off, mildly amused through their irritation.

'... I think you spooked him...' Overload said with a semi casual tone to Sheyd, whom merely snorted and laid his head down.

'... They should have guessed sooner that that bellowing was a poor means of alert... Don't they realize that Pokémon are more sensitive to loud noises?... Especially those who react negatively to volumes that can deafen us...'

'... Indeed, but the ears of humans are much more widespread than ours... Perhaps that bellowing is a bit duller to them...'

'... Hmph, then they should do something that muffles it to us Pokémon at least...'

The ship stayed in the Vermilion port for a couple hours, allowing the passengers to explore the city in the meanwhile. The scientists had to distract themselves from their cargo, or they'd start going crazy with the fear the evil dragons struck into them. Luke seemed to grow oblivious to his surroundings, unable to get Sheyd's voice out of his head. He'd never heard anything with such a Hellish voice, and unfortunately it wasn't one to forget very quickly. "Luke, come on, you're acting paranoid. Of course that monster has telepathy, all latios do." Val tried to reason with him.

"Its voice... It's an otherworldly voice. A cold and heartless one..." He said as he sat in a chair with his arms crossed, staring at the table before him.

"Luke, don't break down on us now, we need you and your Pokémon."

One of the male scientists crossed his arms and looked off to the ship, noticing that it was settling down for the night, going to wait for morning to head out again. He sighed and looked over to where the Pokécenter was, thinking they might as well spend the night there. The others eventually got Luke to respond again and headed to the Pokécenter, managing to get a room. Nightfall soon arrived in a black veil, cloaking the city in darkness. Now was the domain of the Zar-Väntesq...

This time they woke up willingly, and yawned before motioning to hover out of the cages, phasing through the bars and tarps via the darkness around them, and stretched their bodies out, getting some joints to pop and crack. '... Finally... Now we shall toy with our 'captors' and really test their thresholds to fear...' Sheyd smiled a bit, darkly, as did Overload.

'... Yes, and we can show them just how annoying that horn is to us...'

'... Oh indeed... Honestly, must they blare that thing at every city?...'
He frowned at the ship's fog horn, and flew off to the Pokécenter, looking forward to tormenting the scientists... They phased through the walls by the darkness and followed their scents, cloaking invisible in case any other humans were awake. The room was easy to find, holding a few bunk beds, which were all occupied with the targeted humans. Sheyd and Overload wore malicious looks as they immediately started telepathically messing with their dreams, working them into nightmares...

The humans all found themselves in a strange universe, an abyssal void space that they could feel was anything but safe. They looked scared as they looked around, and suddenly a group of sharpedo appeared before them, looking poised to kill. The humans froze in fear, before their bodies came up with the quick reaction to run. Though when they turned, another creature's jaws snapped at their faces before vanishing, causing the scientists to cry out in fear with heavy jumps. They were allowed a moment to recover, else they'd have heart attacks, and then a sudden boom echoed, which was a huge explosion that engulfed them in fire. They screamed as they felt the flames, while they weren't actually damaged. The next thing they knew was they were now surrounded by what seemed like zangoose, but they were horrific. The zangoose were all covered in dripping blood and sickening wounds, that which made them appear completely mutilated, disfigured, literally torn apart, and even zombified. Either way, they all had an evil energy emanating from them as they growled and snarled, some in gurgled tones, like blood was clogged in their throats. Needless to say the humans were terrified, and cowered more when the zangoose swiftly moved in to attack and kill.

Sheyd and Overload weren't letting the scientists wake up from their nightmares, watching with amusement as they thrashed and whimpered pleas. Their hearts were racing in pure fear at what they were seeing, though the two were careful not to completely scare them to death. That would be a mercy...

The scientists were now running for their lives, though there was no ground beneath them, from a couple of savagely neutered legendary Pokémon, a dialga and palkia. The two sounded decayed and ungodly snarls as they launched attacks at the humans, which did no damage, but the scientists were beyond terrified as they screamed tensely. A glance at the two showed just how demonic they looked. They were missing large chunks of flesh, which was a dead shade of their normal colors, their eye sockets were empty of eyes, while blood of course poured from their destroyed bodies. Palkia had half its face seemingly bitten off, and its stomach gouged with the guts dangling out, and some bones broken to protrude from the flesh. Dialga also had fractured bones sticking out here and there, while its neck was snapped sideways, with a couple disks of the vertebrae bloodily jutting out. If they were real, they would be pitied for such severely brutal deaths.

Then all of a sudden, everything was silent. The scientists couldn't make a sound either, but they were still aware of the void space around them. A large lake suddenly appeared before them, startling them more, while the water was clear and smooth as glass, and showed their reflections unnervingly well. The humans instinctively didn't want to see what was going to happen, but turning away just made the vertical lake widen and wrap around them. They were afraid to get near the water, and suddenly saw themselves as seemingly starting to decay, their flesh melting like liquified putty. Their clothes spontaneously grew bloody rips, and within showed just black. The heavily trembling humans looked themselves over to see if that was really happening, which it wasn't. Then suddenly the lake was gone, but quickly replaced by a screaming that sounded just blood curdling. They tried to cover their ears, but the screaming didn't dim. What they saw next was a teddiursa running at them, with its bleeding mouth wide open in a dislocated way, and it jumped at them with unnaturally huge claws. Their vision went black right as they were about to be mauled, and the scream faded. When they next saw themselves back in the Pokécenter room, they thought they'd woken up finally, whilst they could feel their hearts pounding in their chests. Cold sweat had them drenched, while they started to cry in so much fear. They were just helpless and powerless to do anything but run from these monsters derived of mutilated and demonic Pokémon. When they calmed down a bit, they noticed a persian sitting on the floor in front of the door, slowly waving its tail. It didn't look like any of those mutilated and gory Pokémon, but now they were cautious. Mark slowly got from his bed and paced to the persian, before kneeling and looking to be checking if it was safe. The Pokémon did nothing but blink at him and meowed like normal. It seemed okay... He slowly motioned to pet it, but the persian opened its mouth and suddenly shot a long bone like spike from its throat to impale him through the neck. He gagged at that and froze, while the others exclaimed at the action, his blood leaking down his back, but he didn't die or even start to. While other Pokémon suddenly appeared on the beds with the others, watching them distantly. The scientists started shuddering again, figuring they hadn't woken. The Pokémon were all cat ones, and they seemed to smile eerily, showing fangs, while all their eyes were slits. And suddenly their faces became demonic looking, with unnaturally wide mouths filled with teeth like knives, and their eyes became empty sockets soullessly glowing red, but none of them made a sound. That instantly pierced a terrified feeling in their hearts, before the Pokémon suddenly were covered in blood and fractured bones shot out of their flesh, and they all vanished as quickly as they appeared.

The humans all just sat frozen in terror, literally too scared to react at all. Their breaths came short and they just stared into space, unblinking, while Mark soon slowly looked down to see that he had no wound were the persian had pierced him. He then looked back at the others uneasily, seeing how numb they looked, staring for a moment before suddenly looking forward, gasping as he saw two large evil red eyes, staring at him soullessly, colder than ice. The rest of Sheyd's face appeared out of nowhere as his eyes narrowed with a Hellish growl, before he swiftly widened his jaws and crunched on Mark's body with a sickening sound of his structure being crushed like a soda can.

Everyone's eyes shot open then, staring at whatever was before their eyes. Their gazes were blank and filled with raw fear. Sheyd and Overload retreated back to the cages before the sun rose, which the ship was still in the dock, starting to get everything started up for the rest of the cruise to Hoenn. After the center opened for the day, Nurse Joy went to the room with the petrified scientists and opened the door.

"Hello? Good morning, you guys... Huh?" She looked confused when none of them responded but looked wide awake, and scared. "Uh... What's wrong?" She questioned, which got no replies again, so she paced closer to the beds and inspected the scientists. They had thrown their pillows and blankets to the floor, while some still hung off the sides, and the beds were soaked with sweat. "What happened?" Mark seemed to hear her that time and jerked to look at her, his nerves still struck in fear mode. Nurse Joy flinched at the sudden movement, before asking with concern. "Uh... Are, you... Okay?"

Mark just stared at her as his mind adjusted and reorganized that he was now really awake. The sun was rising, the time felt in order, and he could fully feel everything as space and matter should have been. "... Uh... Yeah. Just a... Nightmare, was all..."

"A serious one by the looks of it. Why don't you and your friends stay here for a while longer and recover? Your ship won't be leaving for at least another hour or so, so you won't miss it." Mark hesitated, but soon looked down and nodded slowly, before motioning to get out of bed. Nurse Joy turned to snap the others back to reality, her concern growing when they all seemed to have had the same nightmare. The others eventually started moving again, and once they were led out to the cafeteria for breakfast, they gradually calmed down physically, but the images and sounds of the brutalized Pokémon remained in their minds, haunting them that much more... It almost felt real, all of it. Especially the double dream moment.
The nightmares
To be continued... Heh, this is really just the two having fun. Well, to a degree no thanks to the fog horns blaring at every stop. XD The next part's probably gonna be a lot more violent since they don't intend to let any who see them live...
Torn and Ladion revised by DemonSheyd500025
Torn and Ladion revised
Ladion looks evil now. XD Hot damn, I like this design~ How's about everyone else? :lol:

Edit: Got suggested to keep a part of their old quills. Does this look good too?
I'm thinking to change the quill design of my characters, Torn and Ladion. So they don't look so much like Shadow. Any agrees? .3.
Mystri Stage by DemonSheyd500025
Mystri Stage
It may not be a perfect replica, but I drew the Mystri Stage from the special Pokemon event with Arceus at the Sinjoh Ruins. The left depiction is when the stage is inactive, and the right is when it is active. The middle symbol stands for Arceus, the left symbol represents Dialga, the right symbol represents Palkia, and the top symbol represents Giratina. You're welcome~
My Sonic tutorial by DemonSheyd500025
My Sonic tutorial
I hope the text is big enough. oAo; Lol, I had the idea to do my own drawing tutorial since I found out an easy way to start a picture, since I'm a bit of a perfectionist, and starting with lineart alone makes me procrastinate like no tomorrow. Or nothing better to do than sleep. XD

I used Sonic as an example, but I'm sure this could be applied to almost any character of various body designs. Mobians are just one of the easiest for some reason. >_> And I like the Sonic X style of shading, but the shading in this tutorial isn't a priority. You could do this exact same pose of Sonic and use your own style of shading, not like anyone's gonna chastise you about it. :U

Hope this is helpful~ ^^ Also, the program I use is PT Sai. Another thing to note is at the first stage, silhouetting, I suggest using separate layers and an opacity of around 50 each, that way you can see each layer through the others. If every limb is on the same layer, it'll just have every limb at the same flat opacity. That's why you can see the end points on each limb and spine through the above layer.


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I'm thinking to change the quill design of my characters, Torn and Ladion. So they don't look so much like Shadow. Any agrees? .3.


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