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When you have to ask someone for something minor, even though it's necessary, and even when you thank them, yet you feel slightly guilty because you acquired something that they earned?
I'm thinking of doing one to see if I can pull off comics. It won't be anything from an RP with any of my friends, but this little skit may foretell the possibility. Though I've been slow with even written skits, so if anyone could give me some ideas, I'll be happy to implement them. :lol: So here's to another comic drawer~
Blood smoothies... :dummy:

Alright, this is a quiz. Anyone who takes it will be happy. Why? You get to torment and interrogate your characters of course! :lol: My second attempt at making a quiz, so here's to this one being a little more noticed, ey?
•No lying.
•Character numbers are ranged between 1 and 5. As in how many can be used at once you dickens~
•Feedback plz! :meow:

I'munna use 3 chars~ Wraith, Torn, and Malice. This should be an interesting line-up~

1. So, who the heck are you?
Wraith: You may refer to me as Wraith...
Torn: Name's Torn.
Malice: Hmph, Malice. Not that it really matters.

2. I've had the strange urge to ask, do you like scalloped potatoes? If so, how do you prepare them?
Wraith: I needn't eat.
Torn: Hmph, I only eat flesh.
Malice: Same.

3. What do you do in the shower? (yes, guilty facts are allowed...)
Wraith: I needn't shower.
Torn: ... Just wash myself, though even that's occasional. Usually anything I need to clean from myself is dirt or blood, and I just jump in a lake to get it off. I really see no point in "proper showering" as the mortals call it.
Malice: Teh, I don't need to shower much. Pretty much same as him. *gestures to Torn*

4. What video games are you mainly interested in?
Wraith: I don't play video games.
Torn: Me neither.
Malice: Ditto.

5. This only pertains to a few characters in general, but please answer either way; are you alive or dead? (Technically undead counts as alive because you're still an animated body, yet disembodied spirits don't count.)
Wraith: Dead.
Torn: Mmm, alive.
Malice: Alive.

6. Are you a nazi of any kind? (Not including an ACTUAL Nazi because that's horrible. eg, grammer nazi, detail nazi, pronunciation nazi, etc.)
Wraith: *just shakes his head*
Torn: Teh, I don't really give a rat's ass about anything anyone screws up with, but I find it annoying when they spell or speak in scrambles, or misspellings.
Malice: I couldn't care less, but same as him, it is annoying when people don't know how to spell the simplest words...

7. What's your favorite Pokemon?
Wraith: Never knew what that was...
Torn: Teh, latios naturally.
Malice: *lifts a brow* What in the hell is Pokemon?

8. What's your favorite thing to do when bored? Or contrarily, riled up? (in either a good or bad manner)
Wraith: When bored, I simply wander the city or play Solitaire at my home, or converse with the spirits that live there.
Torn: Either I sleep the hours away or go out and execute malicious deeds.
Malice: Teh, same as him frankly.

9. If you became a youtuber, what would you like to do?
Wraith: I don't know much about Youtube to really understand it, nor do I care to honestly.
Torn: Who needs internet when I can do virtually anything myself?
Malice: What's Youtube?

10. How do you percieve your physical health?
Wraith: Well, I'm dead, so...
Torn: I can't even get sick. At least not with anything disabling.
Malice: Healthy as a horse.

11. Explain the general things you do in a day using only one word per action. (eg, awaken - shower - dress - breakfast - store - home - food - Youtube - bed)
Wraith: Awaken - converse - city - kill - scout - assist - return - sleep.
Torn: Miscellaneous - kill - sleep - eat - fight. That's basically it for me.
Malice: Hmm... Wander - kill - eat - destroy. I would include mating, but I actually don't do that often. *shrugs*

12. What would you do if you found out you had a terminal illness to which there was no treatment and it was too late to save you even if there was treatment?
Wraith: Well I've been long dead, so I don't think there's any illness that would even effect me.
Torn: Heh, I can't get any kind of terminal illness. Even if I did, it couldn't kill me just like nothing else can.
Malice: Well if I'd died, I'd just get sent to Hell. As if I don't go there enough as it is, so no big deal to me.

13. If there are multiple characters, then I command one to kill another character here against their will, because there must be reaction segments in these quizzes~ (if you're not fond of your chars being controlled by others, bypass that opinion here because it's not like this will be canon or anything. B/)
Torn: *obliterates Malice, just because XD* Seems age means nothing on this planet when compared to my power. And Hell won't be seeing him ever again. Or any existance for that matter.
Wraith: ._.;; ......

14. What's your favorite holiday?
Wraith: I don't celebrate any holidays, but I do enjoy watching the living go about with those like Christmas and Halloween and Thanksgiving. It almost makes me warm inside to see those who still care about others.
Torn: I don't celebrate holidays, period.
Malice: I rather like Halloween. But the kids never get candy from me... *smirks darkly*

15. Who are your best friends?
Wraith: My only best friend is long dead, but a few recent friends are Cordovan, Zayden, Mercer, Laura, Jackson, Ryker, and Bridget.
Torn: I have no friends, and I prefer it stay that way.
Malice: Same. Who needs ties like those anyway? They're so easy to break, and so liable as weaknesses.

16. If you have no friends, what is your source of entertainment?
Wraith: Well I just answered that I do have friends, so... I guess I don't really have to answer.
Torn: *shrugs* I just be a menace to everything until I settle down.
Malice: Essentially the same as him. The mortals are just fun to fuck with anytime I have nothing better to do.

17. Have you ever suffered full-blown insomnia? If so, for how long and why?
Wraith: I think I have in the past, but those events are just in the past. Now I don't even need to sleep at all, but it's the only way to fly time by.
Torn: No.
Malice: Insomnia's usually caused by stress or some disorders, right? Well those don't really effect me either, so...

18. Is there anything you're particularly or especially afraid of or even dread encountering?
Wraith: Well, being reaped of course, and failing my mission.
Torn: The only thing that can touch my fear is my previous master. Besides him, I fear nothing.
Malice: Well nothing on this planet can do much of anything to me, so my fear is pretty much nonexistant.
Torn: *sneers at him* Except me...
Malice: *growls lowly at him* That bit was in an alternate dimension which didn't really happen.
Torn: How do you know?
Malice: ...Fuck off.
Torn: *smirks more darkly* ...

19. If you've encountered any deaths of loved ones, what was the worst? (if there's only one character, don't be afraid to let some emotions build. If it's that bad, it's okay... If you really don't want to say, that's also okay)
Wraith: Well the worst deaths I've ever experienced was back when I was alive; the reason I killed myself to end the pain...
Torn: Heh, I was born and raised in pure darkness, void of any compassionate emotions. So I've never felt sorrow.
Malice: Same here more or less.

20. Isn't it nice when you're working with water, or any flowing liquid for that matter, and it doesn't instantly force you to stop and take a leak?
Wraith: Since I'm dead, I never have to deal with that. But yeah, I suppose it would be nice.
Torn: My body doesn't necessarily create waste, so I don't get the urges to discharge anything unless I choose to, if you know what I mean...
Malice: *lifts a brow at him* Yeah, it is kinda nice when I don't have to take a piss right in the middle of doing something.

21. What is one of the saddest songs you know of? And I mean sad enough to really hit you deep...
Wraith: Hmm... I can't think of any off the top of my head.
Torn: Sorrow doesn't apply to me, remember?
Malice: Me neither. The closest thing to sorrow I could feel is mild separation from a mate or kid that I've been with for a while, but it's not like they'll cease from existance or anything.

22. Do you think I've asked enough depressing questions for now?
Wraith: Well aside from being a bit sudden to appear, I didn't pay much mind to them, frankly.
Torn: *shrugs* I couldn't care less either way.
Malice: You know how hard I'd have to be trying to even pretend to have any sympathetic emotion when talking about depression?

23. Let's cheer ourselves back up, ey? In real time, go to Youtube and look up Witch Doctor or some upbeat song, you'll feel better in lickety split! :D
Wraith: I don't know Youtube.
Torn: Teh, I don't need some pethetic song to perk me up from any kind of negative feelings. I thrive off them after all.
Malice: Hmph, I'd rather listen to rock and heavy metal if anything.

24. If you could be reincarnated as a flower, what kind would you like to be?
Wraith: *snorts lightly* A flower? I wouldn't know honestly.
Torn: It's a plant. Besides, I can't die for reincarnation to ever take place for me anyway.
Malice: I'd rather turn into a poisonous plant if anything.

25. Now quote a video game character on the funniest thing you've heard them blurt out! :lol:
me: The most recent I've gotten was one from James Heller - Prototype2: "Key to making this disguise work; walk like a douchebag." XD


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My premium membership's almost expired! I have no money. DX I need points, that's the only thing I can resort to. Can I have some points please to get a new membership? I'm fresh out of it.. >_> And frankly, who likes the ads? So please help me out? :eager:

Commissions! I'm kind of a perfectionist, but lazy, so it may take a while, but pics will get finished! I work in MS Paint, 'cause I'm so simple minded.. >_> And I really need to pick up on how Sonic X does shading and such, 'cause I like that style, but I'm rusty on that... However, I'm not really good with clothes, as far as making them look loose. I tend to make them straight lined.. >_>; So I need to work on that too. But I'll try to make it look as appealing as I can. ^^; Hair's not my strong point either.... Man I need to practice.. ._.;

Single characters:
Lineart - 5pts
Colored - 7pts
Shaded - 12pts
Background - 20pts *please go easy, I'm not good at these..*

Multiple characters:
Lineart - 7-10
Colored - 10-15
Shaded - 15-20
Background - 20-25

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When you have to ask someone for something minor, even though it's necessary, and even when you thank them, yet you feel slightly guilty because you acquired something that they earned?


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