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Jagger: *goes into the room that Volkraan sleeps in, seeing him in his giant dragon form, and smirks sneakily as he paces closer. Once he's a foot away, listening to the demon's deep soft breathing, he starts stroking his belly, watching any of the limbs. The last thing he'd care for is to get whacked by the tail, impaled by the tail spikes, or clawed by the talons*

Volkraan: *continues to sleep, soon feeling the stroking as he shifts with a soft purr like growl, and then takes in Jagger's scent, which causes his eyes to blink open. He turns his head to look at the disturbance with a groggy hiss* ... Uh?

Jagger: Evening...

Volkraan: ... The hell are you doing in here?

Jagger: *shrugs* Just wanted to talk to you. Kinda curious about you.

Volkraan: Why would you be curious about me? *widens his mouth in a yawn, letting out a guttural growl*

Jagger: Never heard of you before. I mean I've heard of dragons, but a demon dragon? *strokes his belly more, gazing along his body with interest*

Volkraan: *blinks at him in wonder, accepting the touching* Hmm... Aye, I guess demon dragons are pretty rare. Not to mention I'm also a Hell demon...

Jagger: How long you been around?

Volkraan: A couple millenia. Really though, you come in here and wake me up just to talk to me?

Jagger: Well, partially...

Volkraan: Hmph, what do you want?

Jagger: I just want to learn about you.

Volkraan: And how do you mean by that?

Jagger: Well, I wanted to observe you, see what you do and how you work.

Volkraan: *tilts his head* What are you getting at?

Jagger: I wanna see you in action.

Volkraan: *narrows his eyes slightly and pokes him with the tip of his tail* Pipsqueak, with me in this form, you're smaller than my head. And I don't fancy my mobian form frankly. I can sense what you want; how do you plan on interacting with me?

Jagger: *chuckles a bit* How do you want to use me?

Volkraan: Use you? Hah, I'd break you all too easily. You may not be able to die, but you said yourself you can't regenerate. And I can only heal such severe of wounds.

Jagger: Well I didn't say we'd be getting overly rowdy.

Volkraan: So, what, you're just going to pleasure me? You do know that Hell demons in general aren't the types to just lay back and let others do the work for them, right?

Jagger: Well, not usually. But you just woke up, right?

Volkraan: Aye, but I don't stay groggy for long. And even in my mobian form, I'm still nearly twice your size. Why's this on your mind anyway?

Jagger: *shrugs* Don't know really. I guess I just thought that you'd be calm enough if I relieved you.

Volkraan: *snorts* Relieved me, ey...? Well if that's your notion, I guess it'll have to be done in my mobian form then. *motions to stand as he transforms to his smaller mobian form, now standing over 6ft tall* At least this way I might not break you too badly. *smirks darkly*

Jagger: Oh joy.

Volkraan: Well you asked for it. Go down then.

Jagger: *kneels and strokes his crotch, before clamping his mouth over the section, lathering the flesh with saliva*

Volkraan: *watches him with a smirk, scratching behind his ears when his member starts to come out, though there's two of them...*

Jagger: Huh, and I thought snakes were the only things with two dicks.

Volkraan: Heh, well you could say I'm partial snake then. Though I am a demon dragon, so your guess is as good as anyone's, ey?

Jagger: Right. *continues to suck him off until the shafts protrude fully, earning a low moan from Volkraan*

Volkraan: *growls softly, and grins more as he suddenly grabs Jagger, only to turn him around and shove him to the ground* Now it's my turn...

Jagger: *grunts at the impact, looking a bit surprised as his pants are ripped off, and yelps as claws dig into his flesh to pick him off the ground*

Volkraan: *presses against his back with a hiss, sneering as his members push into Jagger's back hole, making him groan in pain from their size* One thing you might be content with is even demon dragons don't go buck crazy. We just get real tense.

Jagger: Mmph, really now? So I should expect to be constricted then.

Volkraan: Indeed. Fun fact though, I can go on for a while with multiple climaxes, so you might feel... Strange, by the time I'm done with you...

Jagger: Huh, so it's like a mix of hard and easy. *shudders a bit at the disturbing feeling of the shafts in him, churning around and pulsing, while his rear burns and bleeds from being stretched*

Volkraan: In a way. *waves his tail and bites into Jagger's neck to taste the blood, growling*

Jagger: *groans from that, shuddering now and again from the strange feelings inside of him, looking down as his own shaft comes out, though he starts feeling shaky in the legs*

Volkraan: *knows what happens to those he mates with, and holds him against himself as he moves to lay more on the ground for better access, his shafts squirming around in Jagger and brushing against his prostate*

Jagger: *groans in half pleasure half pain as his insides tense up, pre cum dribbling from his member* Gah... You're, really big...

Volkraan: *chuckles shadily* Perk of being a Hell dragon. *motions a hand to grasp Jagger's rod, making the wolf groan more. Volkraan smirks when he feels him tense up, indicating that he'd just peaked* Well, seems you peaked first. That just means you'll do so more than me, which can be a toil on a mortal's body...

Jagger: *moans lowly, shifting with disturbance* Yeah, I didn't think of that...

Volkraan: *chuckles darkly* And I won't be letting you go until I'm done... *enjoys Jagger's mixed noises, stroking his shaft to slowly exacerbate the feelings*

Jagger: *groans more, getting shaky in the whole body* You've done this before, haven't you?

Volkraan: Many times. *licks the blood that still seeps from his neck* Though, you may be one of the few to stay alive... It's almost a detrimental function, but it's nicer the less competition there is.

Jagger: Uh... What exactly are you implying? *doesn't get much of an answer, when Volkraan starts to squeeze him, which doesn't ease the disturbing feelings in his core, only made worse when the shafts start burning, making him groan in pain and hold his stomach*

Volkraan: *scowls a bit as he constricts Jagger against him, feeling himself about to cum, his shafts twisting around within Jagger's flesh, brushing against everything in there. He sneers at Jagger's pained noises in amusement, constricting more as he tenses up, and soon peaks, releasing his fiery hot cum to coat the walls of Jagger's inner flesh*

Jagger: *cries out in the horrible pain, trembling uncontrollably. His innards aren't actually damaged, but it feels like they're being corroded. He just curls into himself with tears in his eyes, as though he'd just eaten something incredibly spicy*

Volkraan: *laughs at his pain, keeping him in place* Don't worry, it'll get milder the more you feel it... Your insides may become too numb to react after the third jizz.

Jagger: *can't even breathe as easily from the deep pain, inhaling forcefully and coughing. Strangely though he could still feel the shafts inside of him, squirming around like slugs... He can't tell if they feel sickening or pleasurable*

Volkraan: *licks his neck as he eases up his grip, though his claws punch into Jagger's belly, making his blood dribble down onto the ground* You enjoying yourself?

Jagger: *breathes laborly, slowly regaining composure, though keeping his eyes shut* I didn't... Expect that... Holy shit...

Volkraan: Heh, well I didn't tell you what to expect, which makes it all the funnier for me. But I suppose I should warn you about my end; I tend to release quickly in succession once my body peaks enough times, so I hope you haven't a full stomach...

Jagger: *gulps in a bit of unease* How many times do you usually jizz?

Volkraan: No more than fifty times in a single sitting I've counted. But no less than ten.

Jagger: ._.;

Volkraan: *laughs darkly at his expression* What, you've never gone on for so long before?

Jagger: Well it's detrimental to do it for that many times. And with your jizz doing whatever Hell to me...

Volkraan: *laughs more in an evil tone, actually making Jagger shudder mildly* You should have figured what mating with a Hell demon dragon would herald unto you. But I suppose it can be forgiven considering my kind is so rare, even in Hell itself.

Jagger: Is it even possible to get away once you start mating?

Volkraan: Hmm, you mean for my mate? Not likely, since my mating parts release an energy that paralyzes the body to a degree. Like I said, a bit of a detrimental function, but when few things can harm me, there's not much for me to worry about when preoccupied with mating.

Jagger: Pity, if any other mortals you've fucked have second thought doing it with you after the first jizz.

Volkraan: *chuckles sinisterly* Oh they've yet to even survive mating with me. Like the pain inflicted unto you made you react, you might have died from the shock.

Jagger: ... So the shock of the pain is what kills them?

Volkraan: Aye, thus I've had scarce chances to mate. Hmph, I suppose you were a bit right then; I may be more content after relieving myself with you.

Jagger: Happy to oblige I guess... *cringes at the feeling of the squirming testicles, still feeling a bit numb on the inside, but still able to feel his inner flesh being stroked, though it feels both irritating and pleasurable. He breathes a bit heavier when Volkraan handles his member, shuddering at the stronger pleasure with a moan*

Volkraan: *smirks at the noise, and moves to pick him up some, only to twist around to Jagger's front with a limber spine and lick at his shaft, coiling his long tongue around it with a heated growl*

Jagger: *moans deeper from that, being held up from Volkraan's clawed hand to his chest, and soon cums partially in the demon's mouth* Is this, what... Hell's like, in the... Lust circle?

Volkraan: Hmmhmmhmm, not quite... Lust's circle is far from as forgiving as the demons have it. You constantly yearn for another's touch, so close and yet it can never be reached. Always tempting, taunting, mocking, teasing, and when the souls are actually given what they yearn for, it's nothing but pain... Like a child that constantly asks for candy, only to be denied, but when they finally get said candy, they find out it's fake, and are left with only a deeper hole of despair in their heart.

Jagger: Damn... Sounds like I wouldn't wanna be in their shoes.

Volkraan: Aye, but you can't die, so you wouldn't have to worry about it. It would be a pity if you did, elsewise you'd just be one more mortal who would never consider mating with me...

Jagger: Teh, well sex relieves lots of stress. I would have thought you mate with other demons, especially the others out there.

Volkraan: *snorts* They know the consequences of mating with me. Usually my mates are one-timers, considering the pain.

Jagger: Right. I just figured demons are a lot stronger on the inside than mortals.

Volkraan: Not compared to me. Demons may have originated from Hell, but it seems only the Sins are impervious to the flames. Hell dragons come in a few different forms, depending on the circle we were born amongst, and which we are well resistant to the soul eroding fires. Demons born on the surface, not so much apparently.

Jagger: Huh, so which circle were you born amongst?

Volkraan: I was born in the circle of treachery...

Jagger: Huh, so you must be a pretty good backstabber...

Volkraan: *chuckles lowly* It's my nature. It's only a matter of time before the others will lose their usefulness to me...

Jagger: Hmm, and how are they useful to you?

Volkraan: *just smirks and bites at his neck, making Jagger grunt in surprise, letting some of his blood leak into his mouth with a purr-like growl* It's my secret... *licks his shaft again, starting to feel his own rods heating up again*

Jagger: *feels them as well and grimaces, half noticing that they're moving towards a wall to lean against* Not again...

Volkraan: Heh, I warned you. *starts to constrict him as the feelings escalate in him, letting his throat rumble deeply*

Jagger: *groans more as his insides heat up worse and worse, coupled with the disturbing feeling of the testicles squirming around. He figured the feelings would eventually fade, but for some reason they're just as strong as when they'd started. He grunts aloud when his prostate's brushed against, which sends a spike of pleasure throughout his body, though it's a brief distraction from the burning sensation. Jagger tensely curls over as the demon's probbing members writhe within him, breathing shakily while being squeezed against Volkraan's body, claws digging into his belly*

Volkraan: *hisses heatedly as he peaks, releasing the searing hot cum within Jagger again, which elicits another pained cry from him. His spiked tail waves across the ground as he nuzzles into Jagger's quill-like hair*

Jagger: *groans harrowingly as he numbly clutches his chest, as though he's suffering pyrosis, though his innards are feeling more irritated as well from the constant rubbing, though it's mixed with pleasure from his soft spot being handled as well. Volkraan soon relaxes his hold and handles Jagger's member again, as though he's trying to keep his feelings aware just to feel the pain of the fiery hot cum*

Volkraan: *handles Jagger's member firmly, smirking some* I guess you were right about sex relieving stress; I'm starting to feel a little less tense with every peak I reach...

Jagger: *moans as he leans back a bit into him, breathing deeply as the burn slowly subsides, still gripping his chest* Kinda wish you could say the same... For the severity of your jizz...

Volkraan: *chuckles darkly* The only thing that's influenced by is its frequency. It may not be noticed by the end of it all, but it's less powerful upon my finale.

Jagger: Huh... You figure it'd be more powerful in the finale...

Volkraan: Heh, you'd figure, but since it occurs so quickly by the end, there's little time for it to build up.

Jagger: I wonder, is there an actual reason for you to cum multiple times, or do you do it just because?

Volkraan: What, like if I'm actually aiming to reproduce?

Jagger: Yeah. Are she-Hell dragons hard to impregnate or something?

Volkraan: Teh, not necessarily. Females actually work like a code; they'll only conceive if they're jizzed in a certain number of times. May be the reason they're only born once every couple millenia.

Jagger: Really? Huh, that's interesting.

Volkraan: Aye, most demon dragons are born male, but since females are born so scarcely, there's only a handful of us. But there's at least one in each circle.

Jagger: How do you get more eggs then?

Volkraan: Well, males are somewhat hermaphrodites. We don't lay any eggs, but when we near our ten thousand year mark in age, we make a single egg in our gut and kind of reverse lay it. Or, it moves through a special tube in us and we regurgitate it...

Jagger: O_o That's weird.

Volkraan: *smirks wryly* Aye, well we're beings of Hell, not much down there makes sense to begin with. I mean in some areas the sky is made of fire.

Jagger: Huh, cool.

Volkraan: You wouldn't say that if you were one of the unfortunate souls to be punished there.

Jagger: I think I'm being punished enough as it is...

Volkraan: *chuckles morbidly as he handles Jagger's scrotum, earning a pleasured grunt from him* Trust me, if this was punishment, you'd be feeling a hell of a lot more pain than this...

Jagger: I believe it. >_>

Volkraan: As I said, you asked to mate with me, so it's your own fault. But I must admit I do appreciate it. And appreciation from a Hell demon is quite a trophy.

Jagger: Well I'll cherish your appreciation then...

Volkraan: You better, 'cause I could be going a lot rougher on you right now.

Jagger: Yeah... Have you ever been the uke? The one that gets fucked?

Volkraan: Hmm, I have, though it's never really been as satisfying as being the seme.

Jagger: Not even by other Hell dragons?

Volkraan: Oh unless they're females, we try not to interact with each other. We're kind of like the guardians of our respective circles, and if we started fighting with each other, it may set a bad image for us. Only the original ones remain forever.

Jagger: Are you an original one?

Volkraan: Aye, surprisingly. Hell didn't start making dragons until about seven thousand years ago. Or at least not ones like us.

Jagger: Guess they finally realized the potential of dragons. *suddenly flinches as his prostate gets squished between the members, making some pre cum drool out of his shaft and over Volkraan's hand*

Volkraan: Heh, I think we're talking too much... *coils his body around to take Jagger's member into his mouth, suckling on it with the tongue slithering around the flesh, which makes Jagger groan deeply while tensing up*

Jagger: *soon cums again as he scrunches over a bit, his pelvis starting to hurt from working with no rest, not that it wasn't already sore from the burning cum of the dragon, but he's starting to wonder just how much more of this he can endure. Obviously Volkraan can go for quite a while, but he himself is a lot more liable to wear out. Maybe he won't have to do this again for a while*

Volkraan: *continues pleasuring him while his own members pulse and squirm within the wolf, not feeling tired much at all unlike any mortal, mainly because his mating doesn't involve rigorous movements, but he is quite amused with Jagger's pain and cries, deciding to finish earlier with him just to listen to those sweet suffering noises... The other demons of the group possibly could hear the two and leave them alone, hence Volkraan is being careful about his words when the topic at hand is something relating to his secret (but I digress, lol). It doesn't take long until Volkraan reaches his third peak, and by this point Jagger's insides are partially numbed by the fiery cum, but he could still feel it bad enough to let out an agonizing cry. Discomfort to the insides are hard to ignore*

Jagger: *groans in the cramping pain that comes with each of the demon's searing discharges; staying tensed up seems to help ease the pain, but only barely, and the fact that the members are constantly twisting around in him when they release only seems to make the pain worse*

Volkraan: *grins at what he'd told Jagger, about the pain being numbed after the third discharge; he never said by how much... He just licks Jagger's neck as their crotches are caked with cum, though it'd be worrying to Jagger since Volkraan's cum is a dark red like blood*

Jagger: *doesn't pay attention to the color of the cum, remaining preoccupied with the attention his shaft gets from Volkraan's hand after enduring the discharge. Volkraan's firm grip is surprisingly relieving of the pain as it massages the slimy flesh; if Jagger wasn't partially paralyzed, he'd be bucking his hips reflexive to the pleasure. He isn't even sure what's going on anymore; is he pleasuring Volkraan or is Volkraan pleasuring him? Well, obviously Volkraan is taking all the pleasure, while Jagger gets half pleasure half pain*

Volkraan: *just listens to Jagger's deep breathing, his heart beating with fatigue as his body tries to figure what to do with the demonic jizz. Like most male matings, the cum won't do anything though, even from a Hell demon dragon, luckily for Jagger. Volkraan simply enjoys the feeling of his hidden limbs probbing around in the wolf's warm inner flesh, unconcerned with what other bits of meat they brush against, though it is that much more amusing when they bother the prostate to make Jagger flinch. He lets out a purr-like growl as he lays back against the wall, letting Jagger lay against him with his legs bent up, almost like handrails* How do you think your innards are holding up?

Jagger: They could do with less burning jizz...

Volkraan: *chuckles lowly, waving his tail across the ground*

Jagger: *starts tensing up again as the pleasure comes back in him, groaning deeply as he cums, thankful that Volkraan doesn't seem to care about it. He just looks down at his belly to see the blood from the claw wounds. Well, at least they're not as bad as they might have been had he not negotiated with the demons; he can handle little wounds like this. Some more cum dribbles out when one of Volkraan's members caress his prostate, sending a wave of good feeling throughout his body* How's your tension level by now?

Volkraan: A little more relaxed than before. It's been so long since I was able to relieve myself sufficiently...

Jagger: *glances to him from the corner of his eye, thinking he's pretty lax for a Hell demon dragon, or perhaps just while mating at least. He slowly lays a hand on his belly, almost able to feel the squirming muscles beneath his skin. His back hole still burns from the size of the members, and to admit all the pain down there makes his eyes water, but at the same time it's smooth enough that it isn't unbearable at least. He doesn't want to do this again, but he didn't expect he'd be the uke this time*

Volkraan: *smirks slyly* You wanna know a fun fact about me?

Jagger: Mmm, what?

Volkraan: The mating parts in you aren't two... It's twelve...

Jagger: ._.; ... What?

Volkraan: My mating parts come out as two, but split into six each once I connect with a mate...

Jagger: ... You Hell demons are fucking weird...

Volkraan: *chuckles in amusement*

Jagger: Why are you telling me this?

Volkraan: Just to give you some nice images to dream of when you sleep... *smirks darkly*

Jagger: Well shit...

Volkraan: Hmm, you sure do take a lot of things in stride.

Jagger: Teh, well I've always kinda been like that. But now when I'll live forever, what's the point in crying over spilled milk or worrying about what's gonna happen next? I'm not gonna turn out a whiner who thinks only bad stuff will happen and there's no point to living to suffer through it.

Volkraan: Hmm... How insightful. But that doesn't mean that stuff won't happen.

Jagger: Course not, I just don't really care.

Volkraan: Heh, you are a special one indeed. If you were a female, I'd love to have my offspring with you...

Jagger: Ah huh, right. >_>; Well if I could stay how I am, that'd be great, though that's probably asking a lot from you.

Volkraan: Wouldn't you like to know? *smirks and starts constricting him against himself as he tenses, coming up to his fourth peak. He decides to shift position and lay Jagger on his knees and elbows while he lays over his back, though the extra movement causes Volkraan to peak faster, tensing with a growl*

Jagger: *grimaces and groans loudly at the searing pain filling him once again, tears leaving his eyes as his breath catches in his throat. The pain seems to be worse when he's laying horizontal*

Volkraan: *sneers cruelly as he holds his pelvis up against himself, punching the claws into the flesh* Won't be much longer now...

Jagger: *keeps his grimace as the pain lingers, now not just from the fiery hot cum, but the movements of the demon's members feel worse from their relentless writhing. Also the physical wounds aren't really helping; he seems to be sore all over*

Volkraan: *hisses deeply and bites into his neck again to draw more blood, amused at the whine he elicits from Jagger; frankly he's quite enticed by the taste of it. He moves his other hand to handle Jagger's rod again, seeing this more of a torment for him, finding it funny that Jagger gave himself to be played with like this*

Jagger: *groans in a bit of discomfort, the feelings in him getting somewhat exasperated now. He wouldn't be surprised if he woke up just as exhausted as when Xaphan possessed him and made him mate with Baby for so long... Wait a minute, that puts a new topic in Jagger's mind, if at least to distract him from the pain* Hey, I gotta question, how many Hell demons are known down in Hell?

Volkraan: Hmm? *licks the blood from his neck* A few, why?

Jagger: Do you know of one named Xaphan?

Volkraan: Oh aye; he's one of the older ones out of the younger generations. Though he's more of a prankster than others of his age.

Jagger: How's he like when he's in Hell?

Volkraan: Pretty much like all the other demons, there's not much special any of us really do. He's just one that does more noticeable things among the surface dwellers. He likes blaming others for his deeds, and being impulsively possessive, he's pretty good at getting away with it.

Jagger: ... Yeah. He possessed me once.

Volkraan: Indeed? What'd he do to you?

Jagger: Well, he made me kill some hunters, and mate with my girl so much that I was too sore to wake up much the next night, and tormented me for a little while.

Volkraan: *snorts* Aye, he's pretty good at messing with the surface dwellers. None the wiser about whom sometimes though.

Jagger: He gets caught?

Volkraan: Rarely, but he's had a few brushes with opposers.

Jagger: Are all Hell demons able to possess people?

Volkraan: Aye, but if we choose to more often than not depends on the demon.

Jagger: Huh... *winces when his prostate's suddenly squished between two lengths of muscle, making cum drool out onto the ground as he tenses up*

Volkraan: *sneers at that and grips Jagger's rod, making him moan deeply in pleasure, though the pain is still prominent. Volkraan just caresses the muscle with a smirk while Jagger fidgets, forcing more cum to ooze out of the wolf*

Jagger: *keeps moaning at the feelings in him, strongest at his core, but now all throughout his body. He can hardly move from the paralytic energy, and the pain has him that much more numbed, but he can still feel it; his innards being brushed and the testicles snaking around. All the while he just feels disturbed on the inside; no wonder nothing actually wants to mate with Hell demons*

Volkraan: Heh, I think I'll be easy on you this time and finish sooner than I could go on for. Consider yourself lucky.

Jagger: How can you go on for so long?

Volkraan: There comes a threshold in an immortal's life when weariness no longer applies; it's like an exercise. It still comes up after a while, but it's not as prominent. *smirks and starts constricting him again* Just like you'll have a little while to go getting used to being constricted methinks.

Jagger: *groans at the burning, tensing up himself* I thought you said I'd be too numb to feel it anymore.

Volkraan: Aye, but I didn't say how numb you'd be... You can still move your limbs a bit after all. *growls lowly as he tenses more, his members releasing into Jagger*

Jagger: *cries out in the horrible pain, his body now starting to feel warm all throughout, as well as more shaky and weak. He grimaces as his core is coated with the fiery cum, his muzzle getting red while he breathes raspily. Though as Volkraan said, he's starting to feel the cum seeping into his stomach, which doesn't help the burning feelings, but letting them come up through his esophagus isn't something he's going to allow his body to do*

Volkraan: *growls lowly from the pleasure he's achieving, loosening his grip on Jagger and smirking at his grimacing* There's the fifth one. I just hope your stamina is up to the task. Methinks you'll be quite exhausted before long.

Jagger: Most likely. *coughs a bit from the heat, gripping at his pelvis as it starts hurting more* I'm guessing with this disturbing movement in my gut, trying to consume something would just result in it being chucked up again, yeah?

Volkraan: Probably. Unless you were really used to it, but mortals take so long to get used to something like this.

Jagger: Right. Not often I'm the uke for one.

Volkraan: Well you've yet to explore your sexuality until now, so I'm not surprised.

Jagger: Teh... I feel like I want to take a nap in some cool water once this is done.

Volkraan: That can be arranged...

Jagger: ... You better not try anything funny...

Volkraan: *smirks eerily* Now why would you assume that of me?

Jagger: You're of a treacherous nature, why shouldn't I?

Volkraan: *snorts in amusement* Touche... But I like napping in the water now and then as well.

Jagger: Right... Well no offense but I'd feel safer going it alone.

Volkraan: Of course you would. *moves a hand to stroke Jagger's member again, feeling it throbbing with pressure, earning a groan from him*

Jagger: *breathes deeply in enduring all the fangling, yet to get used to the muscles squirming in him. How they're able to move around like that is something he's curious about, but at the same time he doesn't want to know... He's still disturbed at the fact that the dragon's members split into six each. That makes him suppose this could be considered tentacle intercourse; he isn't sure to consider it rape or not. He did ask for it after all. Though his thoughts are taken off guard a bit when Volkraan starts constricting him again, holding a hand to the ground for some ounce of stability*

Volkraan: *grins at Jagger's cries once he discharges, feeling his pained shuddering and noises* I'll give you this though, you're one of the more durable mates I've connected with. If they haven't died from the pain shock, they'd at least passed out by now.

Jagger: *groans as he recollects himself, grimacing with tears welled up in his eyes* ... It ain't no piece of cake... *his voice is a bit constrained now from the burning sensations all throughout his body* I'd be surprised if they even got this far...

Volkraan: Aye, and I'll be peaking faster now, so you best buckle down. *chuckles darkly as Jagger groans, before licking his neck with a hiss* You know, your blood is the most palatable I've ever tasted.

Jagger: As if I haven't heard that before...

Volkraan: Teh, I bet you get heckled by vampires often then.

Jagger: Yeah, they're kind of annoying. *coughs a bit from the irritation in his gut, which seems to make him groan as the pressure makes him cum again with a cringe, but it gets worse when his abdomen starts cramping up, which makes him release a harrowing cry*

Volkraan: Hmm... Seems you're suffering quite a bit now. *grins more at his pain and handles his member, which doesn't much help Jagger, making his breath catch in his throat*

Jagger: *somewhat chokes in agony, tears seeping through his eyes* S-stop...

Volkraan: What's wrong? Getting too much for ya? *grips his rod a bit, which makes Jagger cough in a constricted manner, his body tensing up with uncontrollable trembling* I think I'm feeling another peak coming on...

Jagger: *groans lowly as he tries to keep from giving in to the pain, breathing deeply to keep up with it* Why did I... Agree to this...? *tenses more as his cramping worsens, feeling like his organs are being crushed slowly. He hardly seems to notice when Volkraan constricts him, but it seems to slightly relieve the pain, albeit only before the searing cum invades his insides once more. He's forced to stop breathing with air trapped in his lungs as the pain burns throughout his body, putting him through more agony than he thought possible by mere mating. Yeah, he's not doing this again...*

Volkraan: *purrs from Jagger's pain and the pleasure unto himself, seeing a shallow puddle of blood and cum beneath them, and waves his tail as his members continue churning restlessly in Jagger's bowels, though perhaps a slight mercy is that the heat of the cum slightly relaxes his cramping muscles as an after effect of the corroding sensation*

Jagger: *wheezes to regain his breath and slowly open his airways back up, though still shakes mildly, as though his own blood feels thin and his body feels weak, but the pain is keeping him attentive unmercifully. It doesn't take long for the pain to worsen more as he starts getting a headache from the pain and heat, which only makes him moan pitifully*

Volkraan: *sneers darkly from his noises, nuzzling into his hair* You're holding out quite well, I must admit. You haven't even passed out yet.

Jagger: *can't even speak through the haze of pain, his headache only getting worse and makes him rest his head against the ground, trying to relieve it if only by a slight bit, but it doesn't seem to provide any help. The pain soon gets bad enough to make him start retching, but that would only inflict more pain from the fiery cum and gastric acid, though some does end up coming up, which only burns his throat that much more... It causes his throat to constrict and force him to cease breathing again, while the disturbing motions of the dragon's members and his headache just cause his stomach to retch more, making the pain nearly unbearable. The cum that's forced from his own crotch is hardly noticed at this point, but the tensing of his discharge only adds to the suffering*

Volkraan: *decides to pick him up a bit, which makes Jagger's headache even worse, eliciting more harrowing sounds from him as he retches more, forcing some of the stomach fluids from his mouth. Unfortunately Jagger can't die from any of this, so even if he'd stopped breathing, he'd only feel the effects of suffocation, though that proves amusing to Volkraan, as he soon starts constricting him against himself, biting into Jagger's shoulder for another taste of his blood*

Jagger: *can only seem to whimper now as his head pounds with pressure and his stomach cramps in the burning sensation, hardly feeling any pleasure now, while his leaking blood worsens his shuddering, starting to feel faint from it all, but can't pass out once Volkraan discharges in him again. The added pain forces a whine from Jagger, but thankfully what Volkraan said about his end being less powerful was true. So he is going to be fair and finish early with him*

Volkraan: *hisses lowly in contentment, smirking in amusement when he notices the bit of his cum that dribbled out with Jagger's retching, how it looks like blood* You don't look so good... I suppose if you were curious about me, you must have been curious about Hell itself, thus I gave you a fraction of it... Well, only a few more to go now.

Jagger: *inhales forcefully as his airways open slightly, though it's not much relief from the severe pain his body's been enduring; the burning, the cramping, the tensing, the headache. It all makes him cringe with every weak beat of his fatigued heart. All this pain must be an effect of Volkraan being near his end, being that it seemed to come so suddenly. Maybe it's another energy from his testicles, like the paralytic energy. He just hopes there's only a few more climaxes left to suffer through, since he can't take much more of this, and he doubts much else could either*

Volkraan: *purrs draconically as he massages Jagger's member, causing more pain for Jagger now instead of pleasure, since it's been cramping along with the rest of his torso. Volkraan leans against the wall while holding Jagger up against himself, smirking when Jagger coughs up more stomach fluids, his body going into some stiff yet numb movements as the burning cum and acid cause his throat to close up again* Hmm, I suppose our climaxes have been more in sync than I thought. You've been jizzing around the same times I did. Guess I'm not trying hard enough. *smirks evilly as his shafts writhe within Jagger, irritating the flesh more and causing some of Jagger's blood to seep out from his back hole*

Jagger: *moans lowly in a constrained way, his muzzle baring tear streaks from his eyes. He can't even feel his stomach anymore, but dammit he can still feel the pain of Volkraan's fiery cum, which mostly drowns out the spark of pleasure he gets from cumming himself. He coughs some to get the bile from his throat, before letting out a groan of pain as Volkraan claws at his belly*

Volkraan: Come on now, don't stop making those sweet sounds. You're rather good at it... *smirks sinisterly, constricting him again to make him release another whine from all the internal agony. It worsens when more searing cum secretes into the flesh, proving to only amuse Volkraan, who doesn't look tired at all, nor does he seem bothered that Jagger's voicebox is rendered mute for now except to release pained noises* You should be happy I'm even counting down for you. Just one more to go...

Jagger: *hopes so, but he's not taking his guard down yet in case he's lying. He's already kept his strength up as best he can so far, but it can only take so much more damage before failing. Maybe if he can hold out, Volkraan won't be much harder on him than this, but it's so difficult already from all the pain that numbs him. Like said, he can hardly feel his stomach anymore, or his whole torso at this point, his limbs just feel like noodles, and his head feels like it could just explode. He can't even control his own blood to help at all, completely at the mercy of Volkraan, though of course he being a Hell demon, there's not much of that in reserve... For now all he can really do is focus on the movements of the shafts in him. That actually seems to distract the pain somewhat, trying to feel them more than anything else. It may not be any better of a feeling than anything else, but at least they're not damaging. And the smoothness of their flesh does feel strange, but curious at the same time. Obviously he's never felt anything like it before, and it does feel a bit nice when they fangle his prostate. He ends up cumming more when they do that, the pain of the cramping striking him like a whip and forcing him to cry out harrowingly*

Volkraan: *grins sadistically from that, licking some blood from his neck as he waves his tail across the ground, caressing Jagger's member firmly to pain him more*

Jagger: *can't help but hack up more stomach fluids from the pain, which only makes his throat constrict from the burning of the cum and gastric acid. The gross colored, foul smelling liquids drool down from his mouth to mix with his blood, causing even more pain that feels like his flesh is being corroded, and tears leak from his eyes, making him just look like a mess. Though he gets no rest from the pain yet as Volkraan moves to lay him horizontal again, forcing a whine to squeeze through his tensed throat muscles, as well as more stomach bile, but the pain is made worse as Volkraan constricts him, forcing the cramping and the headache to become nearly unbearable. He’s feeling about ready to pass out, but forces himself to keep attentive, as though it was an unspoken dare that if he fell unconscious during this mating, Volkraan would just get harder, thus he can only hold out in hope that Volkraan keeps his word*

Volkraan: *luckily he does, keeping him constricted for a moment with soft growling, clawing at his chest to spill more blood, partially to direct his sense of smell to that rather than the liquids that seep from Jagger’s mouth. He soon climaxes inside Jagger for the last time, hissing lowly in pleasure and grinning at Jagger’s pained moan, seeing more tears leaking from his eyes* I must say, that was quite enjoyable... Well, for me anyway... *chuckles darkly, while Jagger can’t seem to breathe again. He just fangles Jagger’s member some more while his own shafts continue twisting around and brushing against the flesh, irritating the prostate again, making Jagger cum once more*

Jagger: *growls weakly as he only continues to suffer the pain, hardly moving to keep it from getting much worse. Volkraan soon slides his members out of Jagger, which hurts worse from the burning flesh and the size of them, and he’s laid on the ground, trying to force himself to breathe again. When Volkraan wanders in front of him, walking on all fours like in his dragon form, Jagger only looks over blearily to see the mating parts. They are quite disturbing, like tentacles more than a foot long each, and looking almost diseased with black and blood red coloring. They’re still squirming mildly, like maggots...*

Volkraan: *lowers his head to gaze into Jagger’s eyes with a sinister smirk* How’d you like that?

Jagger: ... You... Hell demons... Are, fucking... Weird... *has to growl his voice to speak, fighting through the pain just to utter that much, sounding more like a strained whisper*

Volkraan: *chuckles darkly* Well, I suppose I should heal you a bit now. *moves around to Jagger’s side and sets his hands on his back, before sending an electric energy into him to heal the wounds, forcing more pained noises from him*

Jagger: *cries out in the excruciating pain, since the energy only makes his body tense up more, worsening his cramping muscles and the headache. Thankfully it doesn’t last that long, though the same can’t be said for the pain; that may linger for quite a while yet...*

Volkraan: Hmm... *stands and picks him up, bringing him to the cave where he first played with him, only to set him in the water with his head laying atop dry ground. Volkraan simply sits beside him and holds his own protruding slimy mating muscles, watching them squirming with a smirk, before they slowly start pulling back into his body before they dry out*

Jagger: *soon falls unconscious in the water as the pain finally gets the better of him, the blood and cum slowly washing away while the cramping gradually lets up, albeit it takes hours, and the pain may take days or weeks to fade...*
Connection with Volkraan
I dunno, I was in the strange mood to do this, and tried to keep the conversations going. Hopefully it's not too bad, but I like this weird perk with Volkraan, and I think it makes sense for a Hell dragon's mating parts to be as they are and do what they do. :/
Were-dragons by DemonSheyd500025
Alright, I can talk about the were-dragons more here. :V I admit I'm not the happiest with how these two came out, but I improvised as much as I could; the bases seemed to have more human-like dynamics than I'd care to go for. I mean they're based on Spyro and Cynder, but damn it looked more like half dragon half human. B/ No offense to the creator of the bases, but it's more advised to make dragons look like dragons, not reptilian humans... Most dragons have elongated reptilian skulls, not flat-faced dome-headed skulls...

And these two are also my two new characters. :U The black male is Grabacr, and the blue female is Ofnir. Anyone who gets the names gets a cookie. XP They're the oldest by far, been around for over 4,000 years, thus they're Volkraan's right-hand servants and usually stay nearby his area.

Anyway, I'll be using a template-styled bio here; you know, bulletin form, like the character FC template. So here goes~

Mobians that have been converted into demonic dragons by Volkraan. They're evil creatures, but can work together with well coordinated teamwork, though being as individual as anything, there are chances some may not be as easy to work with as the rest. Luckily there's not many in existance. They are nocturnal and the sunlight repels them, though it doesn't harm them.

How they're made:
One only needs to be injected with Volkraan's blood to be transformed into a were-dragon. The blood acts similar to vampiric venom, being that the process is incredibly painful, but in the manner of a werewolf's transformation. Of course the growth of the wings make it moreso harrowing than that of a werewolf. The were-dragons keep the colors of their original bodies, but their mindset changes to the awareness of loyal servants, alongside forming a telepathic link to Volkraan.

Most were-dragons look a bit different as any mobian does, but look generally the same structurally. They're always made with the gold crown-like horns and spikes on the wings and elbows, while the triangular eyes are always red with slit pupils.

The general size range of were-dragons is between 20 to 30 feet from head to tail, and stand around 6 to 8 feet at the shoulders.

Were-dragons are able to run surprisingly quickly in a manner somewhat like Chaos Control, in which they leave afterimages while moving very fluidly. This can also be used to confuse a foe's aim. They're also able to scale most surfaces like spiders, and can speak normally with their mouths.

Like Volkraan, they can't stand loud metallic noises, as it disrupts their senses and disorientates them. Their hides are hard as diamond, but if their flesh is cut, anything embued with holy energy will do considerable damage. New moons also render them virtually powerless, as it drains their energy and they revert back to their mobian forms, unable to recall any of their memories while under Volkraan's command, but they transform back to dragons as soon as the night is over.

Any were-dragons that are killed are eaten by the remaining dragons, ideally to prevent anything from experiementing on them, though it seems cannibalistic. Were-dragons are highly intelligent creatures, able to percieve long term effects as well as consequences. The senses of were-dragons are very acute; they can see more than 10 miles away, smell scents from over 3 miles away, hear sounds from over 6 miles away, and can also see well in the dark. Although it's curiously rare for female were-dragons to get pregnant, they can even fight when carrying a clutch of eggs, albiet their movements are more careful and prone to avoiding heavy bodily tackles. Were-dragons are of demonic blood regardless of the original blood, thus undead creatures are in a way given a living body again, however the powers may carry over as well. By default, were-dragons breathe magnesium fire, and are resistant to heat and cold. They also are immune to aging, hence any of them could survive for millenia; their skills determine if they do though.
Volkraan the Hell dragon -dragon form- by DemonSheyd500025
Volkraan the Hell dragon -dragon form-
Anatomy? What's that? XD

Name: Volkraan
Also Known As:
Age: 7,000+ yrs
Species: Dragon
Genetics: Hell demon
Gender: Male
Skin Color: Umm... Blue?
Hair/Fur Color(s)(Can Be Spit In Two Categories): N/A
Eye Color(s): Red
Alignment: Evil
Height: Mobian form - 6'06", dragon form - 70ft head to tail
Weight: Mobian form - 160 lbs, dragon form - 6.5 tons
Martial Status(Married, Single, Dating, etc): Single
Sexual Preference(Optional[Not Encouraged]): Indescriminate
Description: This guy came up in an RP with my buddy :iconla-morgana:. :U We were going to torture Jagger, and this guy called shotgun to play with him first in the manner of "water bullfighting" as Abbie called it. XD And funnily enough, even though he has wings, he can't really fly, for he's a bit too heavy, but he can glide. And sometimes he chooses not to talk much in his dragon form, which he seems to prefer roaming around as as apposed to his mobian form. :b
Personality(Optional[Not Encouraged]): Cold, sadistic, impulsive at times
Religion(Optional[Not Encouraged]): Satanist
Top Speed: 65mph

Stats(Can Add Up To 40[Each stat can have a maximum of 10])
Speed: 4
Agility: 8
Strength: 8
Defense: 8
Evasion: 6
Dexterity: 5
Intelligence: 5
Attack Skills: 8

Date Of Birth: Sometime over 7,000yrs ago
Place Of Birth: Hell
Current Residence: High in the mountains, in a cave hidden by a large waterfall
Abilities: He has a strange ability that seems similar to chaos control, which lets him move incredibly quickly. And by jabbing his tendrils into two parallel surfaces or stalks, he can channel an energy between them to create a portal to Hell. He's also able to scale virtually any surface like a spider, despite his weight; were-dragons are able to do this as well.
Miscellaneous Attributes: Breathes magnesium fire that appears to leave sulfuric residue, uses an electric energy as a healing attribute, and he can retract his wing membrane to use the flexible and surprisingly dextrous tendrils as extra limbs; they wrap around his torso when not being used. His hide is also very adamant, harder than steel, though some parts of him can be torn. Also he is able to convert others into were-dragons... How? He first tastes the blood of who he chooses to convert, and if they're sufficient enough, all he must do is prick one of his tendril spikes into the body of the victim, injecting some of his blood that initiates the transformation. Then a telepathic link is formed after the victim is turned into the body of a dragon, which is none very pleasant by the way... >_> The scariest attribute about this ability is that it works fullproof, even regardless if the victim is of other immortal blood... Except demonic of course, being that they're of demonic blood to begin with, but in any case the were-dragons are completely under his control; they're not turned undead or anything, but if they are of various genetics, ie vampires, werewolves, misc., those genetics are in a way put on the backburner. Also they're less than half Volkraan's size, and they do tend to appear a bit different from each other as any mobian does, but do bare features that correlate them to Volkraan; they have his blood in them after all. And according to Volkraan, there's no way to revert the were-dragons back to their previous bloods... Then again, demons lie. >.> Who knows if he's really telling the truth?
Weaknesses: Holy energy, loud metallic noises (ie banging on metal, scraping metal, especially reverberating noise; eg crashing cymbals), and funnily enough, being complimented. XP Though be careful, he can see through bluffs...
Strengths: Physical power
Dating or Married Partner(s): None
Close Friends: ---
Friends: ---
Allies: ---
Neutral(Optional): ---
Rivals: ---
Arch-Rival: ---
Enemies: ---
Arch-Nemesis: ---
Mother: ---
Father: ---
Other Family Members: ---
Favorite Food: Flesh
Favorite Drink: Water
Likes: Chasing down his prey, toying with his food, swimming
Dislikes: Getting into fights with multiple foes, especially if they're smaller than him and agile
Weapons(Optional): Teeth, claws, wing tendrils, tail spikes
Clothing(Optional): None
Items(Optional): None
Miscellaneous(Optional): I'm totally aiming to make this guy the next biggest baddest monster of the year~ XD


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Commissions! I'm kind of a perfectionist, but lazy, so it may take a while, but pics will get finished! I work in MS Paint, 'cause I'm so simple minded.. >_> And I really need to pick up on how Sonic X does shading and such, 'cause I like that style, but I'm rusty on that... However, I'm not really good with clothes, as far as making them look loose. I tend to make them straight lined.. >_>; So I need to work on that too. But I'll try to make it look as appealing as I can. ^^; Hair's not my strong point either.... Man I need to practice.. ._.;

Single characters:
Lineart - 5pts
Colored - 7pts
Shaded - 12pts
Background - 20pts *please go easy, I'm not good at these..*

Multiple characters:
Lineart - 7-10
Colored - 10-15
Shaded - 15-20
Background - 20-25

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