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Welp, my laptop's dead... T_T Damn thing won't boot up now. Guess I'll be using my sub-par ipod until either it's fixed, or I somehow get a whole new laptop.
Serpent island by DemonSheyd500025
Serpent island
Holy butts I actually drew this place. :U So, I dunno how to actually start explaining, lol. I guess a good starting point would be its position on the planet. Um, somewhere in the ocean... It's somehow a floating landmass, like Angel Island; methinks it uses magnetism rather than some arcane power like the chaos emeralds.

The island floats at about 3,000 feet above the surface of the water, so nigh impossible to escape except by air transport. And since snakes can't fly, or even glide very well, this is their permanent residence. Not that they mind much of course, the place is practically tailor made for them. The temperature of the whole island is all 'round the same, roughly 80 degrees. The mountain ridge makes the landmass concave, reaching up to around 10,000 feet from the low lands, and yes, snakes even live on the inside of the ridge itself.

I know the borders of the sections look pretty pronounced, but there's actually no real borders between the sections. They meld together fairly well, and which some borders make viable habitats in themselves, such as the conjunction between the desert section and the forest section making somewhat of a savannah-like plane, albeit marginally small. There's a rainforest sub-section in the forest section; that's what the dark patch is. And yes, those are little oasis spots in the desert section.

Now you might think what of the city section; snakes don't like those as much, right? Well this city isn't as high tech as the many ones of the mainland; this city only uses electricity for inside homes and buildings, but the streets are all lit with gas lanturns, and the electricity used for inside buildings is no brighter than incandescent, thus this island is probably the least polution-ridden landmass. Clear nights offer very starry skies here. Electricity is made via wind turbines, which is generally an easy flow thanks to the mountain ridge steadying air currents. Being the toned down city as it is, snakes can also live in the city as well.

I said the temperature is generally the same all 'round, but it's a little 'tilted' considering the East and West sections. The desert section is warmer than the rest, and the aquatic section is cooler than the rest, which does affect the North and South sections. The rainforest is closer to the aquatic section, while the marsh section closer to the aquatic section is more swamp-like than the other side, due to the humidity. And the desert section pretty much sucks up excess moisture in the air, which keeps the whole area balanced.

And yes, there are animals on the island to suffice as food for the snakes and the city dwelling mobians. The island can be visited by aerial transit, either by people wanting to simply visit the island, or bringing in new snakes. And if anyone's wondering, the snakes are mobian as well. Nagas also share the island. Um... These sentences are getting cheesy... Anyway, I also said in another picture of mine somewhere, I think, that the serpents are civilized, so they aren't just predatory all the time. They can be conversed with, but they aren't savvy with mainland stuff, so pretty much any big events that happened where everything else goes on, they won't know about it. Methinks they'd also be illiterate.

I may put up the size of the island eventually, it's just kind of hard to put numbers to an imaginary place. .3. And an interesting thing about this island is that there are 16 special nagas living within it that serve as the guardians of the island. Long ago when the island was created (well I say that, it was found in its spot and turned into a levitating island and reconfigured into its current habitual organization, funnily enough by the nagas), those nagas set up posts at points along the mountain ridge, and they possess a unified power that they use to protect the island from natural disasters. How it works is basically the first naga to activate their corresponding post, causes the post to send a bright beam of light shooting across the island, which then signals the other nagas to activate their posts, and the light beams cross together right over the city section, before fanning out and creating an energy barrier over the landmass. The 16 guardian nagas are all over 700 years old, and they all live near their posts; four in each section, excluding the city.

The main reason for this island's purpose was to give giant mobian snakes a home away from the mainland, being as snakes in general can be dangerous creatures, and making them bigger, stronger, and smarter wasn't boding well for life in the bigger areas. But people didn't want to just kill them off, that wouldn't be fair. Mobian snakes do still appear on the mainland, and are only left alone if they can stand well for mainland life.
Kosoko the rainbow boa by DemonSheyd500025
Kosoko the rainbow boa
Name: Kosoko
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Species: Mobian rainbow boa
Genetics: Mortal
Length: 87ft
Weight: 2,175lbs [1.0875 tons](25lbs per foot)
Girth: 15 in.
Habitat: Rainforest
Diet: Birds, mammals
Powers: None
Misc: Another snake from the floating serpent island, yay~ Yeah, so how she got to the mainland, so that I can actually play with her, is the same way my other snakes (Bakari, Sylvane, and Zikomo) got off the island, or the only way they could, they snuck onto a transport. The snakes are not monitored on the island, lol, so no one really knows what snake is on or off the island.
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Instinctive, furtive
Specialty: Stealth
Family: Unknown
Friends: None
Enemies: None
Hobbies: None really
Possessions: None
Likes: Warm rain
Dislikes: Being cold

1. Fill in the blanks with 15 of your characters.
2. Answer the questions as follows.

1. Ceryl
2. Zikomo
3. Ruston
4. Slade
5. Arsenic
6. Kosoko
7. Sylvane
8. Dante
9. Torn
10. Wraith
11. Bakari
12. Rorek
13. Pyoshka
14. Raloya
15. Kira

1. Would you rather go on a date with 5 or 12?
Either of them would rather eat me... ;3;

2. A man wearing a thong and boxers on his head comes up to 8 and demands their money. Their reaction?
Dante: *just stares at him funny in confusion*

3. 6 comes home and finds that 2 has broken into their house and is stealing their possessions. What happens?
Kosoko: *hisses lowly in unease, which makes the other look back at her with a low hiss of her own, but Kosoko would rather stay out of the way. She doesn't really have anything worth risking her safety for*

4. Would 13 ever have sex with 9?
No. XD I think even Torn might question that one.

5. What would 5 and 10's lovechild look like?
Aaaaaahh... Like a naga if anything. That is if Wraith could have any part of it. >3>

6. What would 7 never ever admit to the world?
That he snuck away from serpent island on a transport vehicle. Because then he'd be in trouble, and people would want to send him back.

7. Do you think that 1 is sexy/cute?
Cute mostly. X3

8. Is 9 or 14 more likely to commit murder?
It's a tight squeeze, buuuuut... Torn. XD Actually by a long shot.

9. What is the last thing that 15 would ever wear?
Kira: Filthy clothes from a dumpster. Only if they were the last things to wear and I had no choice.

10. Why would 15 hate 7?
Kira: Well... He's a giant cobra. I wouldn't necessarily hate him, but I'd definitely keep my distance.

11. Is 4 a virgin?
Slade: Of course not. *smirks slyly*

12. What would 2 get 3 for their birthday?
Zikomo: Uuuum.... A peace offering? e3e His venom could destroy my body, not to mention if I merely startle him, would not be pretty....

13. Does 9 go to church?
No. XD Well, unless he wanted to spite everyone, maybe~

14. 12 and 1 go scuba diving. What happens?
Rorek: I did this before, I think... Yeah, with him. *points at Torn*
Ceryl: Um... So, what are we doing here?
Rorek: *shrugs* I dunno. ._.

15. Would 6 survive a zombie apocalypse?
Mmmm... I wouldn't count on it. >~>

16. Who's taller, 4 or 14?
Raloya. XD

17. 5 and 8 get in a fight. Who surrenders first?
Oh good lord... That's not an easy outcome to predict, depending on how they fight. >~>;

18. Does 13 trust 3 enough to drive with them during a heavy rainstorm in heavy traffic?
Lol, methinks no. He wouldn't trust to be with him to begin with.

19. Could 8 ever win a swimsuit competition?
No. XP

20. What scares 7 more than anything?
:thinking: Hmm...
Sylvane: Not telling. T~T

21. How long could you stand to be around 10?
Teh, as long as he lets me. :U I love that sunovagun~

22. Your old high school enemy comes up to you on the street and punches you in the face. What would 13 do?
I'd use Pyoshka as a hammer. XD *bricked* Nah, I'd sic the krait on him and laugh while that motherfucker died a painful death, and then eaten by the snake~ Then I'd hug Pyoshka in gratitude. :b

23. What would 2 say/do when extremely drunk?
Uuuuuuuuh... She can't get drunk, she won't drink alcohol. ._.

24. Would 1 ever crossdress?
... Nah. XP

25. 1, 8, and 14 are playing tug-of-war against 7, 9, and 12. Which side would win?
XD I'd say side B because of Torn, that unfair bastard~
Torn: Hey, we'd only be going up against snakes, not like that would ever be a challenge even without me. After all, he'd probably be the backup strength. *points at Rorek*

26. 11 and 3 are arguing. Who resorts to violence first?
Oh god.... Probably Bakari, but being what Ruston's venom can do, he wouldn't be gutsy enough to get too physical. >_>;

27. Does 9 or 4 have a worse temper?
Hmm... Probably Torn. He's a bit easier to set off than Slade. >~>;

28. Who would you least want to meet in a dark alley, 14, 11, or 6?
Bakari. The other two are constrictors, but the cobra's more headstrong than them.

29. If 10 got drafted for the army, would they go for it or dodge the draft?
He'd probably dodge. He runs an army of his own after all. :U

30. What is 15's worst memory?
Kira: Being kidnapped with Axel by the slayers when we were pups. I was afraid they were really gonna hurt Axel...

31. Why would the government be after 3?
Well, if he's been causing a lot of trouble, they'd want to catch him. Dunno why for any other reason.

32. You run into 2 on a busy street. What is the first thing you notice about them?
... They're in a busy street. ._. Why would she be in a busy street??

33. Would 11 ever get cosmetic surgery?

34. Does 5 love or hate themselves?
Arsenic: Love myself, what else?

35. 13 gets hit on by someone of their own gender. Their reaction?
Pyoshka: ...?

36. What is 14's worst habit or addiction?
She doesn't really have any. :V

37. What kind of movie would 11 go see?
Um... He wouldn't see movies.

38. Does 10 still live with their parents?

39. Does 6 dance?
Not really, but she'd probably do some kind of similar motion for mates.

40. 3, 5, 12, and 15 are playing poker. Who is the most likely to cheat?
Hmm... Rorek probably.

41. What would be the main thing standing between 1 and 10's love?
Wraith can't really be paired with anyone, being as he's dead... And the fact that Ceryl's male anyway.

42. Is 2 or 4 more mature?
Slade in terms of sophisticated mobians. :/

43. Does 1 or 8 have a bigger ego?
Ceryl: Dante, since he's better than me...

44. Would 12 rather drive a small, environmentally friendly car, or a huge Hummer with bad gas mileage?
Rorek: A little car, if I knew how to drive.

45. Does 6 care about their appearance?
Kosoko: Moderately~

46. 5, 7, and 14 go into a haunted house. What happens?
Raloya: *keeping the two away from each other for one*
Arsenic: *just looking around in wonder, though they're all tense from the creepiness*

47. 13 is walking along and gets pulled aside by a prostitute. Do they accept the offer?
Pyoshka: Uh, yeah no thanks...

48. Does 10 have or want kids?
Nah. He's good enough with the spirit children of the chapel.

49. How will 15 probably die?
*snickers* Uuuum.... Not sure.

50. Why was 6 picked on at school?
She never went to school.

51. For what would 11 worship 4?
*buffering* ......... :shrug:

52. 3 and 15 are running against each other for president. Who do you vote for?
Ruston! :lol: *shot*

53. 1, 8, 12, and 14 gang up on 5. How long does 5 last?
Oh boi... Well it'd be Dante, Rorek, and Raloya actually fighting him, so... If he manages to poison them all before being constricted to death, but either way they'd probably all die. >3>

54. Who would 11 rather take to the prom, 2 or 9?
Ehm... Zikomo. :b

55. Would 7 ever wear a leopard-print miniskirt in public?
Nah. XD

56. Who has a more normal weight, 4 or 10?
Slade. However, considering Wraith's dead... o3o

57. Why would 13 be arrested?
Um... For being a venomous snake on the loose? :shrug:

58. 3, 6, and 11 go to the movies. What happens?
*the place actually happens to be getting attacked by some demons, and the snakes attack them*

59. 13 is trying to escape from a burning building, but sees 1 trapped in the corner. Would they try and save 1?
Pyoshka: I like warmth and all, but fire's too much. *does decide to save the smaller hybrid before slithering through any possible routes to get out*

60. 15 and 8 are exploring an abandoned tomb, when 15 suddenly falls through the floor and barely manages to avoid the spike traps. How would 8 save them?
Dante: Hmm... *wraps his tail around a pillar and stretches himself down the shaft, only to grab the mortal and pull her back up* You should be grateful, I wouldn't normally care for a simple mortal.

61. Would 2 rather marry 6 or 14?
Zikomo: ... That would hold no bearings. We're all female for one.

62. Does 10 smoke or drink?

63. The house is about to explode, and 9 can only save 3 or 12. Who do they choose?
Torn: Hmph... I guess the snake would have a worse time trying to get out... *just leaves them*
Rorek: You bastard! *saves Ruston himself, getting bitten from the viper being stressed out* Shit...

64. Would 11 ever deal drugs?
No. XD

65. Did 15 graduate high school?

66. 7 tries cooking a new icky looking dish and invites 4, 9, and 13 to dinner. Who eats the dish?
Sylvane: Can't blame me for trying I guess. At least I followed the directions.
Torn: What directions make something look like this?
Slade: Sorry, but this isn't part of my diet...
Pyoshka: I mean, it kind of looks like mobian meat.
Sylvane: That's what I used...
Torn: *sniffs the food in wonder* Smells like venom... You bit the mortal, didn't you?
Sylvane: Well, I didn't bite them...
Pyoshka: I don't think it'd be a good idea to eat something flavored with cobra venom. >~>
Torn: Ah what the hell. *eats the food nonchalantly*
Sylvane: Come on, I cooked it beforehand, so I think the venom's probably neutralized anyway.
Pyoshka: I don't eat the kills of others, sorry.

67. Would 3 ever pierce their tongue?
Ruston: No, if I did that I couldn't be able to smell anymore.

68. What about 9 annoys 14?
Raloya: That he'd kill me if I tried to harm him.
Torn: *crosses his arms* Accurate hunch.

69. Does 1 or 5 sleep more?
Hmm... Probably Arsenic, since Ceryl tends to do more stuff with Dante.

70. Who does 15 like most out of 2, 8, and 12? Who do they like the least?
Kira: Um... I guess I'd like Rorek more, and Dante least.
OC-FC quiz 5
I dunno what number I should be putting this up as... :confused:
Weight of the cores by DemonSheyd500025
Weight of the cores
Dunno why I decided to put this up as a picture rather than literature. :/ Guess cause I used the tab for spacing, and DA doesn't like tabbing apparently. XP


DemonSheyd500025 has started a donation pool!
174 / 2,500
Alright, about time I update this. >:U So now I work in Paint Tool Sai for much better artwork. The prices are the same, and I suppose I should clarify about them; the background pricing is added to the initial character(s) being drawn. Also, please no more than 6 characters together, and try to keep them fairly easy to recreate.

Single characters:
Lineart - 5pts
Colored - 7pts
Shaded - 12pts
Background - 20pts *please go easy, I'm not good at these..*

Multiple characters:
Lineart - 7-10
Colored - 10-15
Shaded - 15-20
Background - 20

You must be logged in to donate.
Doing another for today. :D


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