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1 to 1: Character Development

Part 1: Identity
Part 2: Physical Profile
2a) Human
2b) Other

Part 3: Special Abilities
Part 4: History
Part 5: Interests
Part 6: Personality and Personal qualities
Part 7: Image and Outlook
Part 8: Relationships

8a) Family
8b) Friends
8c) Romantic

Part 9: Lifestyle

I shall use Wraith for this, cause I'm a bit obsessed with him. =w=

Part 1: Identity

1. What is your name? Do you have a nickname?
Wraith: Name's Wraith, which is more of an alias, since my real name is Swift, but it's dead to me. And I'm sure I have a few nicknames, but none I prefer to go by.

2. What is your gender?
Wraith: Male.

3. When were you born and what is your age? So what is the current year?
Wraith: Uh, such a while ago I can barely remember... But I'm around 860 to 870 years old by now. And uh, I think it's 2026?

4. Are you still alive?
Wraith: No... But as far as I've gone along as an ethereal spirit, it's been a pretty complacent existence so far.

5. Are you from Earth? If not please describe where you live.
Wraith: I'm from Mobius, which inhabits mostly anthropomorphic animals. Not sure how the humans came here though...

6. Where were you born? Can you describe this place?
Wraith: Mobius, and I'm not explaining it more than necessary.

7. Where do you currently live? Can you describe where you live?
Wraith: ... I live on Mobius... I guess I could say it's a fairly nice place, save for the damned monsters that roam around.

8. What is your current occupation? Have you ever had any other occupation(s)? If you have no occupation what do you aspire to be?
Wraith: I'm a necromancer slayer, mainly because they've gone corrupted from what they were supposed to be to us spirits; guardians. And uh, no other occupations.

9. Would you describe yourself as either good or evil? Do you ever wish to change?
Wraith: I'd describe myself as an anti hero. Moreso good hearted, but I don't always do good things...

Part 2: Physical Profile

10. Are you a machine? If so are you humanoid?
Wraith: No.

If you said yes and are humanoid carry on with part 2a, if you said yes and are not humanoid carry on with part 2a, if you said no, carry on.

11. Are you Human or Humanoid? If so, indicate which one.
Wraith: Humanoid.

If you said yes, carry on with part 2a, if you said no, move on to part 2b.

Part 2a: Human

12. If you are a Humanoid creature what are you? Are you a supernatural creature (e.g. Vampire, Werewolf, Ghost etc.)? If so, describe how you are different to a human.

13. How tall are you?

14. How much do you weigh? What is your build?

15. What colour are your eyes (if you have any)?

16. What colour is your hair and how would you describe the way it looks (if you have any)?

17. How would you describe your skin tone?

18. Do you have any unusual characteristics? (If you are not human describe both unusual characteristics for your species and for a human)  

19. Do you have anything that could be considered a disability? If so, is it a hindrance?

20. Describe the way you usually dress.

21. Do you have any supernatural abilities?

If you said yes, move on to part 3, if you said no, move on to part 4.

Part 2b: Other

22. What are you?
Wraith: An anthropomorphic echidna wolf.

23. Are you a species from Earth, or from elsewhere?
Wraith: ... Mobius...

24. Are you a supernatural creature?
Wraith: Well, on the ethereal branch of supernatural, I suppose.

25. Describe your species (e.g. plant/animal, physical characteristics, natural abilities (e.g. flying, running fast), natural habitat etc.).
Wraith: Um, let me clarify the question. *reads it over a few times* So, I'm an echidna wolf, like I said before, so I'm pretty strong and fast. I'm also a poltergeist specter, so I can utilize psychics and a special soul fire that can incinerate soul energy, as well as defy gravity. And I live deep in a forest in an old chapel, which overlooks a cemetery that is the burial grounds of other spirits.

26. How tall are you?
Wraith: 5ft exactly.

27. How much do you weigh?
Wraith: Well, considering I'm a spirit and only when I'm solid do I weigh anything, I only weigh 1 pound...

28. Give a full physical description of the remaining aspects of your appearance, i.e. build, eye color, skin/fur color etc.
Wraith: Hmm... Well, I have a short muzzle unlike both echidnas and wolves, oddly enough. Though I think my father was part hedgehog. I have the ears, tail and belly fur of a wolf, and the body of an echidna, and my arms, legs, quills, and ear tips are a light purple while the rest of me is a silver blue. And my eyes are a royal blue with black sclera usually. They turn white when I go out of my specter state.

29. Do you have any unusual characteristics?
Wraith: Um... Well I'm a ghost. Not sure honestly.

30. Do you have anything that could be considered a disability? If so, is it a hindrance.
Wraith: I'm dead, so I don't think I can ever find a mate...

31. Do you wear any clothing? If so, describe how you dress.
Wraith: Teh, who needs clothes when you're dead?

32. Do you have any supernatural abilities?
Wraith: I believe I already explained them.

If you said yes, move on to part 3, if you said no, move on to part 4.

Part 3: Special Abilities

33. When did you discover your abilities? Have you always known about them?
Wraith: Well, I found out my telekinetic powers first, and then when I grew into my specter state, I obtained my fire. There's probably a reason for it, but I should probably save it for another question I'm bound to get to in here...

34. What is the nature of your abilities (e.g. Magic, Technology etc.)?
Wraith: Uh, ethereal?

35. Where did your abilities come from (e.g. Innate, Acquired etc.)?
Wraith: *sighs a bit* I knew it... Well, my telekinesis came from experimenting, seeing what I could do as a ghost, and then my fire came from my specter state after enough training.

36. What are your abilities? Can you describe the full extent of your abilities?
Wraith: You do know that a lot of these questions are just worded differently, right? But I guess I could say exactly what my abilities do and what I can do with them... I use my telekinesis as you'd expect it to be used, but if I use it on a spirit, I can force them to turn corporeal if they're able to do so themselves. And my fire is able to incinerate spiritual energy, but of course it won't hurt me. I can also teleport at will, and use telepathy, and possess others if necessary. Of course the host has to be sufficiently scared before I can take them over. And being ethereal energy, I can reform my body to pretty much any figure, as well as phase parts of my body out so that it's not even in the same space. It's usually my torso, since necros like to try and reap me now and then, and they always aim for my chest. But when my chest isn't there, they end up hitting nothing, which is slightly amusing.

37. At what level of control do you have over your abilities?
Wraith: Full control.

38. Do you think you have reached your full potential?
Wraith: Pretty much.

39. Do you feel that your abilities are a blessing or a hindrance?
Wraith: A blessing. I probably wouldn't have gotten as far as I have without them.

40. How do you use your abilities – do you feel you use them wisely or abuse them?
Wraith: Well I use them responsibly of course. If I didn't, I'd be just another evil doer.

41. Are you happy with the abilities you have or would you rather have others? Do you, or have you, ever want(ed) to get rid of your abilities?
Wraith: I'm content with them, and I don't think I really need any other abilities or powers. And I'm not planning on losing my powers anytime soon.

42. Are your abilities secret?
Wraith: Not really. Especially from those who know me.

43. Do many others have abilities where you come from?
Wraith: Mobians in general, I'd say probably so.

Part 4: History

44. What is your earliest memory?
Wraith: Hmm... I'd say meeting my friend, Harrie. He was the first necromancer I met, and virtually the only friend that I got closest to...

45. What was your childhood like?
Wraith: *sighs* Mixed, now and then. It was okay for the most part, until I started making enemies... But I made them pay as soon as I'd died...

46. Did you have any aspirations as a child?
Wraith: Teh, I wanted to be a great farmer actually. Amazing what time and circumstances can do to a humble person...

47. Have you been, or are you still, in education?
Wraith: You mean school? Not really. I grew up in a time when things were simple and all you really had to know was how to feed, shelter, and bathe yourself. As well as stay alive generally.

48. Has anything life changing ever happened to you?
Wraith: I died, and turned into a dangerous killer of the very creature who first befriended me... *folds his ears back a bit*

49. Have you had any tragic circumstances in your life?
Wraith: Um, I committed suicide, I guess, no thanks to my enemies. Oh and I had to kill my friend because of a stupid demon that wouldn't unpossess him...

50. Have you ever done anything you wish you hadn’t done? Do you wish you could change anything about your past?
Wraith: Mmm, can't remember much, but the only thing I would change is my friend's death...

51. Do you have many good memories in your life, if so what was the best and when did it happen?
Wraith: Most of my life has been 'meh', but I suppose the few good times were when I found my home and made a few acquaintances out of the wandering spirits, as well as other spirits I'd come across. No best ones have happened yet.

52. Do you have any bad memories in your life, if so what was the worst and when did it happen?
Wraith: Killing my best friend, all of my friends and family being killed off from a curse laid on me by a necro, committing suicide, killing countless beings for reasons I vaguely remember by now, among some others.

53. Have you ever lost someone you love?
Wraith: My family, and a few of my friends.

54. Have you ever been close to losing your life?
Wraith: I have lost my life, but if you mean being reaped, then yeah, more than a few times...

Part 5: Interests

55. What do you most enjoy doing?
Wraith: Killing off the evil necros and other dark beings.

56. What is your favorite:
a) Color or colors?
b) Number or letter?
c) Food and/or drink? What is your favorite flavor?
d) Animal, plant etc.
e) Time of the day? Would you say you are nocturnal or diurnal?
f) Day of the week?
g) Month or Season?
h) Anything else you can think of?
Wraith: Oh boy... Let's see, my favorite color is blue, no numbers or letters, favorite food is meat generally, and sometimes black olives, favorite drink is cranberry juice, flavor of what? Favorite animal would have to be the wolf, favorite plant is anything alive really, but I do tend to admire the prettier ones longer. I prefer the night hours, but I can stay awake during the day. The days have all become an endless blurred highway through time to me honestly. My favorite season is Summer, if only to see less time to for the evil necros to go prowling around like they own everything, the bloody bastards. And anything else that's my favorite, well I'd have to say my favorite weapon is my blade.

57. What subjects are you interested in?
Wraith: Um... Meaning, like school subjects? Because I have no idea.

58. Do you have any hobbies? Do you have any skills or other abilities?
Wraith: My main hobby is fighting the dark beings of the planet, and occasionally playing my organ at home. And no other skills or abilities that I haven't already talked about...

59. Do you like to travel or stay in one place?
Wraith: I travel when I must. Once this continent is cleansed of evil necros, I'll venture to another continent to find other dark necros to kill...

60. Would you rather have a life full of adventure or an uneventful life?
Wraith: My life is pretty adventurous as it is, but I indeed can't wait for my mission to be accomplished already so I can ascend to Heaven and relax for the rest of my afterlife.

Part 6: Personality and Personal Qualities

61. How would you describe your personality?
Wraith: Aloof is one good word. I'm also pretty serious and cautious, and level headed, as well as defensive and determined. And a piece of advice, I have no qualms with turning my back on anyone who turns their back on me...

62. Would you describe yourself as either an optimist, or a pessimist?
Wraith: Neither frankly. I see and deal with all the crap in the world, but I don't let it bog me down.

63. Would you say you are warm and caring, cold and distant, or something in-between?
Wraith: Either or at times. Usually cold and distant, but I'm far from black hearted.

64. Do you think you have a good imagination or describe yourself as creative?
Wraith: I like to think I have a pretty good imagination, especially for when I fight necros... *smirks darkly*

65. Would you say you are usually honest, or dishonest?
Wraith: What good has lying gotten anyone? Unless it's necessary of course, and you know that telling what isn't true will harold better results. So I'm usually honest.

66. Are you superstitious?
Wraith: I couldn't tell you...

67. Do you have many fears? If so, what are they?
Wraith: The only thing I fear is failing my mission, honestly... And letting the world become what I'm fighting so valiantly to steer it away from... As well as letting down those who look up to me. I've never been one to view myself or let myself be viewed negatively.

68. Would you sacrifice your own happiness for someone else?
Wraith: Perhaps, if circumstances call for it. But as far as I've gone on for, those circumstances have pretty much never come up.

69. Do people generally like or dislike you?
Wraith: I'm liked by pretty much anyone but the evil necros and demons. Of course, I'm not evil like them.

Part 7: Image and Outlook

70. How do you think people see you?
Wraith: Well I don't show myself often, so only to those who know me would probably say I'm a powerful fighter, but a good friend.

71. Is there anything that people want you to change about yourself? Is there anything you would like to change about yourself?
Wraith: There's nothing to change. I don't think others mind how I am, and I like myself as I am now.

72. What do you think are your best qualities? Do these differ from what others see as your best qualities?
Wraith: Hmm, I say my best quality is my specter state, while others might say my best qualities would be my devotion and honesty methinks.

73. What do you think are your worst qualities? Do these differ from what others see as your worst qualities?
Wraith: My worst qualities would have to be that I'm not the best at making friends or finding much appeal in acquaintances, considering I'm quite serious and aggressive at times...

74. How would you describe your personal hygiene? Would others agree?
Wraith: Well since I'm dead, germs have nothing to thrive on, so... I think I'm pretty damn healthy in that sense, as others may agree.

75. Do you think you dress well (if you dress at all)? Would others agree?
Wraith: Well I don't wear anything but my own ethereal fur, so...

76. What is your pet peeve?
Wraith: I'm going to guess that means what's always around to cause me grief and the like. In that case I'd have to say general soul stealers... Necros, demons, and the like.

77. Are you disgusted by anything?
Wraith: What disgusts me is the corruption that the necros have fallen to. They were supposed to be our entrusted guardians, but they decided to be greedy and vanquish us just to power themselves faster. *scowls banefully*

78. Is there anything you can’t tolerate?
Wraith: Children spirits being harvested for any reason.

79. Do you have any religious beliefs? Do you have any beliefs that you would describe as non-religious?
Wraith: Well I do believe in God of course, so a bit of a Christian.

80. Do you have any strong political views?
Wraith: What good would they serve me, I'm already long dead. B/

81. Do you cope well with pain or death?
Wraith: Hmm, well it'd probably be a bit trickier for me if I didn't live by my specter state for most of the time. But considering my dark state is less empathetic than my normal form, I'd say I indeed cope well with pain and death... As morbid as that sounds...

82. Do you ever wish you could do anything that you can’t currently do or will never be able to do?
Wraith: ... I do wish I could hear and feel my own heartbeat again... Experience physical warmth and true compassion... *looks down a bit with his ears turned back*

83. Are you happy with yourself the way you are now, or would you like to change?
Wraith: I believe I stated this before, but I am complacent with myself as I am now... Yeah, I did say this before. Bl

Part 8: Relationships

84. Who is the most important person in your life? Who are they in relation to you (e.g. family member, friend, romantic interest etc.)?
Wraith: Well considering all of my friends and family are dead by now, I'd have to say the most important person is me...

85. Who is the person, if any, who you turn to when you are in need of help or advice? Is there anyone you would trust with your life? If so, who?
Wraith: I just turn to anyone who will help me. But of course, there is my Father whom I always look to for guidance. And I trust him to take care of my being.

86. Is there anyone you would risk your life for? If so, who?
Wraith: Well, if Harrie was still alive, I'd have risked my life for him, as he would have done for me...

87. Is there anyone you really admire or respect? If so, who?
Wraith: My Father of course.

88. Do you have a hero/heroine/idol etc.? If so, who?
Wraith: Not really.

89. Are you a social person, do you want to be left alone, or something in-between? Are you outgoing or do you like to keep to yourself?
Wraith: Basically asking if I'm an introvert or extrovert, which I'm more introverted than otherwise.

90. Do you have any pets? How do you think of them (e.g. people, possession etc.)?
Wraith: No pets.

Part 8a: Family

If you answer yes for any of the following questions marked with * please state (If it helps):
a) The name(s) of the person/people in question
b) Whether they are still alive
c) How old they are and give a description of them

91. Do you know either of your parents? *
Wraith: They've been dead longer than I have and are not spirits, so... They've become hazy in my memory at this point.

92. Do you have any siblings? If so are they older or younger than you? *
Wraith: Nope. If I ever had any, they're long gone now.

93. If you do not know of your parents/siblings do you know anyone else in your family or is there anyone else that you consider family? If so who are they in relation to you? *
Wraith: Mmm, the only ones who I consider my family now are the spirits that inhabit the cemetery around my home. None of them are living evidently, and they're of varying ages. They're not my true family by any means, they just share my home grounds.

94. Do you have any children? *
Wraith: ... I don't think that's even possible considering I and everything that is my body is dead...

95. Have you lived, or do you still live, with any of these people? If so, for how long?
Wraith: Well, I haven't "lived" with them, but we simply share the same home. And they've stayed with me for as long as I'd come to call my chapel my home.

96. Do you currently live with anyone? If so who, and who are they in relation to you?
Wraith: This is the same question in different words; I stay with the spirits that inhabit the cemetery around my home.

97. Would you say you have a good relationship with the people in your known family?
Wraith: I would say so. Most of them admire me and provide sufficient company and support when needed.

Part 8b: Friends

If you answer yes for any of the following questions marked with * please state (if it helps).
a) The name(s) of the person/people in question
b) Whether they are still alive
c) How old they are and give a description of them
d) How long you have known them

98. Do you have any friends? *
Wraith: Of course. *looks over the directions and sighs* Well, if I have to name them off, my recent friends are Zayden, Laura, Mercer, Cordovan, Faren, Ethal, Ryker, Bridget, among a few others who I can't recall off the top of my head, none of them are living, their ages are varied, and I've known them for only a few years.

99. If you have no friends why is this? Have you ever had any friends?
Wraith: Well I guess I don't need to answer this one.

100. Is there anyone you don’t like? If so why do you dislike them? *
Wraith: Not anyone in particular, just the general evil necros and demons.

101. Is there anyone who doesn’t like you? If so why do they dislike you? *
Wraith: Basically anyone I make adversaries out of.

If you answer yes for any of the following questions marked with * please state (if it helps):
a) The name(s) of the person/people in question
b) How long you have known them
c) If you consider them a friend or an enemy
d) If you think they would agree with your answer for c)

102. Is there anyone who annoys you? * If so, why do they annoy you?
Wraith: Not anyone in particular.

103. There anyone you may annoy? * If so, why are they annoyed by you?
Wraith: Well I try not to be annoying in any case, but I suppose it could be annoying to my enemies when I heckle them.

104. Is there anyone you would consider a rival? * If so what kind of rivalry do you have with them?
Wraith: Hmm, my only rivals could be the other necro slayers I guess.

105. Is there anyone who would consider you a rival? * If so what kind of rivalry do they have with you?
Wraith: Not many know me well enough to categorize me to anything other than ally or enemy, so I wouldn't know what anyone thinks of me from minimal interactions.

Part 8c: Romantic

If you answer yes for any of the following questions marked with * please state (if it helps or applies).
a) The name(s) of the person/people in question
b) How old they are and give a description of them
c) How long you have known them

106. How would you describe your sexuality? (e.g. Heterosexual, Homosexual, Asexual etc.)
Wraith: Straight.

107. Are you in a romantic relationship with anyone? *
Wraith: Nope.

108. If you are in a relationship what is your status (e.g. married, dating etc.)?
Wraith: Teh, here's another question I don't have to answer.

109. Have you ever been in a romantic relationship with anyone? * If so, are they still alive?
Wraith: *sighs sullenly* When I was alive I was planning on it,  but now it's impossible... Well, I suppose the best I could get is a companion, but it could never go further than that.

110. Are you still a virgin?
Wraith: When I was alive, I did experience connection with a mate, but for the years I've been a disembodied spirit, I've yet to be able to connect again. Not that it would work anymore either way.

111. Do you wish to be in a romantic relationship?
Wraith: *sighs* Well, somewhere in my heart I do...

112. Is there anyone you believe you are in love with? *
Wraith: No, sadly.

113. Is there anyone you have feelings for? *
Wraith: Well my specter state tends to daunt everyone I come in contact with, and it's prominently dark and cold, so as long as I'm not in my normal state, my feelings for others are little more than ambivalent.

114. Do you know if anyone is in love with you? *
Wraith: Probably not. Idolism isn't the same, but it seems that's the best I've got.

115. Do you know if anyone has romantic feelings for you? *
Wraith: Again, most likely not.

116. Have you ever loved anyone? * If so, are they still alive?
Wraith: ... I've had a couple mates in the past, but of course none of them are alive anymore.

117. Are you more likely to express your feelings for someone, keep your feelings secret, or pretend to dislike the person you have feelings for? Feel free to create your own answer if none of these apply.
Wraith: Mmm, I tend to keep my feelings secret, at least until I know the other won't betray me or run away.

Part 9: Lifestyle

118. Would you say you lead a good life? Do you enjoy your life? If not, why?
Wraith: I say my life is pretty good, and I do enjoy it to a degree.

119. How would you describe your lifestyle? Do you have a set routine or are you spontaneous in your actions? Are you active or lazy?
Wraith: Well, it's been pretty interesting so far. Between killing off demons and necros and helping relevant issues with others, I haven't been completely isolated for all my time here. And my actions do tend to be fairly more spontaneous, but a bit of both. I don't go out only when I feel like it. Sometimes others happen to find my home and request things of me. And by no means am I lazy.

120. What are your motives in life?
Wraith: My mission is to kill all dark necros, though I do feel like I should help others now and then to keep myself moral enough. I won't let myself be reaped before I see my mission through.

121. How do you think of possessions (e.g. do they have sentimental value or are they just objects)?
Wraith: Hmm, it usually depends what the items are, but my personal possession is my blade, which I won't allow to be disposed of so long as I exist.

122. Do you have anything you usually carry around with you (e.g. tools, personal objects etc.)?
Wraith: Like I said, my blade.

123. Do you have any allergies or medical problems?
Wraith: Nope.

124. Do you have any problems with sleeping? If so, describe what is wrong and why you think this may be.
Wraith: No sleeping problems with me.

125. Do you have any bad habits?
Wraith: Hmm, mainly daunting others subsequently and being uncannily easy to turn 180 with my orientation towards someone if they betray me...

126. Do you like to take risks?
Wraith: Well, I don't necessarily enjoy taking risks, but with what I do, I rarely have the choice to do things the easy way.

127. Do you smoke, drink, take drugs or do anything else that could be seen to be harmful to your life? Would you give any of these things up?
Wraith: I do none of these things and they wouldn't effect me now anyway.

128. Are you regularly in trouble or do you tend to behave yourself?
Wraith: Teh, well considering how ambivalent I am, it's hard to say.

129. If you live in a community:
a) Do you believe you are a good or bad member of the community?
b) How much do you contribute to your community? Do people recognize this or does it go unnoticed?
Wraith: The only community I live with is comprised of disembodied souls, and I'm pretty much the leader, so... Yeah, I'd say I contribute quite a bit to it.

130. Are you a hard worker?
Wraith: Of course, and I'm aiming to make other spirits hard workers as well. Especially for the time soon coming when they'll have to really fight for their souls.

131. Would you willingly help someone if they asked for it? If so to what extent would you be willing to help?
Wraith: Well of course, I'm not cold enough to turn my back on those who ask for help. Granted it usually pertains to my occupation or experience, but then, I'm not easily found for everyone to ask much of me in the first place.

132. What would you most like to change about your life?
Wraith: Nothing really thus far, like I said more than once before, I'm complacent with my life... And it's about time this thing is finally done. -.-

me: Anyone can do this, but I'm not tagging, since holy damn it's taken me a few days to finish this myself. B/
Character development test -Wraith-

Oh yeah, and when Wraith tells about his original aspirations, yes he was an innocent farmboy~
"Dammit, let me out of here!" A giant black cobra growled angrily as he tackled the solid walls of a cage, which was actually a carrier being pulled along by a truck. Actually, the truck was pulling two carriers, one smaller than the one that held the thrashing 40ft long cobra. In the other carrier was a more submissive hedgegarter, who could only listen to his friend in concern, keeping his 13ft long body coiled up against a corner. The snakes were Dante and Ceryl, captured by some immortal hunters who were asked to try their luck with bringing the two snakes back to the museum in the neighboring city.

The truck traveled along a highway, not concerned with Dante's thrashing, since his carrier was made of thick steel and some padding on the inside so he couldn't hurt himself, but that didn't deter Dante from trying to break the doors open. The doors of course were locked pretty tightly though, so the most they did was shudder from the tackling... Once the truck arrived at its destination, the hunters got out to get the caretaker of the museum, while Dante sat panting, his body mildly sore from thrashing around so much. Only two small vent-like openings offered any light in the cage, but now that he felt movement cease, he figured the truck had stopped, and so moved to one of the vents, flickering his tongue to catch any scents. "Please tell me someone other than those damn hunters are out there..." He moved over to the adjacent vent and flickered his forked tongue frantically.

Worrying if the hunters would come back any minute, he blinked when he caught the scent of someone different. Anyone other than the hunters was a chance to get him out of there, and hoped the one he smelled would come closer, peering out through the vent. He kept his tongue going as he almost eagerly saw the person indeed wandering closer...
Malice the wolf by DemonSheyd500025
Malice the wolf
Guess who everybody who for some reason likes Saber! XD This isn't the wolf I'm referring to however, but this one is related... ERMAHGURD, RLY??? So who the hell is this guy, you may ask, well I'll give you a hint... Ready? e3e

It's Saber's father...

:noes: We're all doomed. XD Main reason being, Malice here is a variation of Hell Demon, a very dangerous type even for the category of Hell Demons in general... >_>; This type of demon is referred to as a thresher demon, but may also go by the title "whip-tail" demon. The reason for that name is because they use their tail a lot in battle. Why? Well... This special type of demon has a special type of tail which has super elastic, very strong ligaments that allow the tail to stretch out to a max length of 30ft... This is also a very quick motion, so it's not easy to catch the tail mid whip-out. The tail is used mainly as a sort of harpoon, as well as a wide circular sweeping weapon. And up close, they use their large claws to hack their foes/prey to shreds. Their talons and powerful jaws are also a daunting addition to their arsenal, being that once they get riled up, they pretty much turn into a living blender with rapid, almost erratic movements. You can tell when a thresher is about to go berserk when the wings retract into the body for easier movement. By the way, when the wings do retract in one's true form, the spines remain out on the back. So good luck trying to get on their back without being impaled. XD

Though this form looks totally badass, this isn't what Malice looks like usually. This is his true form, but like Saber, he, as well as thresher demons in general, are able to hide themselves via the guise of a mortal. Pretty much only other Hell Demons are able to tell out certain types of Hell Demons that happen to be wandering the surface of the planet, whereas any normal demon would only be able to tell that there's another demon going around, but not exactly what kind it is. XP Trademark of a thresher demon is the red sclera and gold irises and the barbed tail like Malice's. They also usually have blood red claws, and either red spines on the wings or red blades. But the main body colors can be pretty much any color.

Alright, now that the bio for general thresher demons is out of the way, let's get onto Malice himself. .3.
Name: Malice
Also known as:
Age: 4,600+ years
Species: Wolf mobian
Genetics: Hell Demon
Gender: Male
Skin color: Black
Hair/fur color(s)[can be split in two categories]: Grey and white
Eye color(s): Gold
Alignment: Evil
Height: 5'05"
Weight: 165lbs
Occupation: Destroyer (this may as well be the name of their classification)
Abilities: {Super speed, super senses, super strength, super durability} typical demon abilities. XP Is also inept at performing healing spells. Being his occupation he's bound to get hurt now and again. :/ And possession... He can also conjure up trapping spells that can do a number of things to those trapped within the seals.
Strengths: Killing, melee fighting
Weaknesses: Holy energy, out of range attackers(no shiz~ XP)
Top speed: 300mph
Description: Being in the class of Destroyer demons, Malice here is more of a nimble fighter, whereas others such as brawler demon are more powerhouses. It's unknown if thresher demons in general are quite like Malice, but this wolf is one who cares for his young. Typical of wolf behavior, but sometimes it doesn't really apply. >.> Anyway, On the topic of young, Saber isn't Malice's only offspring. Of course, since he's been around for a couple thousand years, he's had more than a few offspring. The thing is is that Malice has decided to only breed once, or at least a few times, every 100yrs, and during the time his kids are growing, he sticks around to keep them fairly safe until adulthood. Sometimes the kids are killed after he resides back to Hell, but it's not a devastating loss to him... The kids get sent to Hell anyway, so it just means they can't wander the surface anymore.

Martial status(married, dating, single, etc.): Mated
Sexual preference(optional[not encouraged]): Females
Personality(optional[not encouraged]): Cold, vindictive, can be creepy at times
Religion(optional[not encouraged]): Satanist

Stats(can add up to 40[each stat can have a maximum of 10])
Speed: 6
Agility: 7
Strength: 6
Defense: 5
Evasion: 7
Dexterity: 8
Intelligence: 5
Attack skills: 9

Date of birth: Sometime 4,600+yrs ago
Place of birth: Hell
Current residence: Either in Hell or some forest
Misc. attributes: Malice usually keeps his last mates until they're killed, before finding replacements. Also he's pretty level headed for a thresher demon. A thing about general thresher demons is that the full attributes don't always get passed down unless both parents are threshers, for some reason.

Dating or married partner(s): Cherain the demon wolf
Close friends:
Allies: His offspring and mates usually
Neutral(optional): general dark demons and evil beings
Rivals: Other Hell Demons, unless they get on his good side...
Enemies: Angels, hunters

Mother: ???
Father: ???
Other family members-
Son: Saber the wolf
(among many other children)

Favorite food: Bloody flesh, just like most demons XD
Favorite drink: Pfft~ Milk
Hobbies: Killing, being a scourge, lol
Likes: Being an actual parent, somewhat, when his children succeed at being demons...
Dislikes: When his mates don't always cooperate with him, being forced in pretty much any way
Weapons(optional): Claws, talons, teeth, tail, wings, horns, spines
Clothing(optional): Nope~
Items(optional): None
Latios by DemonSheyd500025
I dunno, I just wanted to finally see this pose in good graphics, because every other pic of this pose is meh quality at best... So this one's even better. :lol:
Marks of the Cores by DemonSheyd500025
Marks of the Cores
This are the chest marks of the cores. I know Celarus and Ventus' marks are reversed, because I figured to give the main ones, Sheyd and Celarus more intricate marks while Overload and Ventus are a little simpler, but still personalized. So yeah, that's their marks. And I tried to keep them all triangular shaped, so it all works in that sense as well. :U


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