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I think I may have come up with a theory as to how Tails could logically fly with his tails. What if some time in Tails' young life, he suffered an injury that broke his spine, and he was rendered paralyzed, unless he got his spine repaired? Maybe his parents could afford to get their son an operation to have his spine replaced with a mechanical one, which included his twin tails. If you think about it, having a mechanical spine and tails would be the only way Tails could logically fly with them.

Consider this; the mechanical vertebrae is connected to all the nerves, veins, muscles, and tendons that would be on an organic spine, thus Tails has all the same mobility as though he was never injured to begin with. But how would his tails function as a flying rotor? The only way that would be possible is if the only thing attaching the tails to the spine is a rotary joint. No muscles or nerves or ligaments. But how then would Tails be able to have feeling in his tails?

Well just because there are no flesh attachments outside of the rotary joint doesn't mean there aren't any inside of it. Perhaps the joint is hollow just enough to allow for nerves and veins to pass through from the body to the tails, so they have feeling and function too, just as they would without the mechanical spine, and the tails themselves are still made of flesh and blood and fur.

Maybe Tails wasn't able to fly before this theoretical injury, and he was just an unusual kid with two tails. After all, no one ever claims to know how exactly Tails learned to fly, or how he was able to do so. A simple "I have two tails, thus they act as a helicopter rotor and I can fly with them" is a passable answer for most. But aforementioned, it would be impossible unless it was because of a mechanical spine rather than an organic one. Flesh cannot function like a copter rotor, and the spine would be subject to more strain than it should be even if it somehow could, thus flying would be painful, tiring, and overall greatly inefficient.

Maybe Tails never mentions his mechanical spine because he simply doesn't wish to dwell on the past. After all, why should he? It's not like the injury was a bad thing if it gave him a way to fly. Granted, it would be an interesting topic to share with friends, but perhaps it would also stir pity from friends, or bring up somber memories of Tails' past of when his parents were around. No one knows what became of them either, except for Tails perhaps.

Also, being as Tails has been in water before, I'd say the rotary joint, as well as the vertebrae itself, is stainless steel and watertight, in case of exposure to such environments. It could also be composited with a non-magnetic metal such as copper to prevent the spine from being affected by magnetism. And the reason he grows weary after a while of flying could be from the nerves in his tails straining to keep up rotating quickly while holding his weight aloft. Granted, this tends to be the case if he's carrying more than just himself, or he can fly for much longer if he's not weighed down by anything else, ie. carrying friends or relatively heavy items. Even when carrying only his own weight, his tails can still get tired, similar to when you tap your foot for a while, the muscles get tired and the movements become strained and slow.

So you may also ask, 'what about the nerves, those are flesh, right?' Well yes, but perhaps they are very elastic and can in fact endure many rotations before tiring without risking their functionality, hence when Tails lands, he unwinds his tails quickly in the other direction to allow the feeling to come back in his tails before needing to fly again.

The only thing I can't explain is how he was able to use the fur on his tail as a dextrous hand in the game "Lost World." XD I guess, plot convenience even if it doesn't make sense?
How Tails could logically fly
So as I said, this is a theory I thought up when I was questioning just how Tails could fly. The thing tells everything, so I won't repeat myself here, lol, hope it makes sense. And if I'm wrong or it already is explained in some continuity or another that I'm not aware of, please don't be a prick about it...
I wonder how many people would lol if DA was compared to Dark Souls 2's black gulch. XP
Welp, my laptop's dead... T_T Damn thing won't boot up now. Guess I'll be using my sub-par ipod until either it's fixed, or I somehow get a whole new laptop.
Serpent island by DemonSheyd500025
Serpent island
Holy butts I actually drew this place. :U So, I dunno how to actually start explaining, lol. I guess a good starting point would be its position on the planet. Um, somewhere in the ocean... It's somehow a floating landmass, like Angel Island; methinks it uses magnetism rather than some arcane power like the chaos emeralds.

The island floats at about 3,000 feet above the surface of the water, so nigh impossible to escape except by air transport. And since snakes can't fly, or even glide very well, this is their permanent residence. Not that they mind much of course, the place is practically tailor made for them. The temperature of the whole island is all 'round the same, roughly 80 degrees. The mountain ridge makes the landmass concave, reaching up to around 10,000 feet from the low lands, and yes, snakes even live on the inside of the ridge itself.

I know the borders of the sections look pretty pronounced, but there's actually no real borders between the sections. They meld together fairly well, and which some borders make viable habitats in themselves, such as the conjunction between the desert section and the forest section making somewhat of a savannah-like plane, albeit marginally small. There's a rainforest sub-section in the forest section; that's what the dark patch is. And yes, those are little oasis spots in the desert section.

Now you might think what of the city section; snakes don't like those as much, right? Well this city isn't as high tech as the many ones of the mainland; this city only uses electricity for inside homes and buildings, but the streets are all lit with gas lanturns, and the electricity used for inside buildings is no brighter than incandescent, thus this island is probably the least polution-ridden landmass. Clear nights offer very starry skies here. Electricity is made via wind turbines, which is generally an easy flow thanks to the mountain ridge steadying air currents. Being the toned down city as it is, snakes can also live in the city as well.

I said the temperature is generally the same all 'round, but it's a little 'tilted' considering the East and West sections. The desert section is warmer than the rest, and the aquatic section is cooler than the rest, which does affect the North and South sections. The rainforest is closer to the aquatic section, while the marsh section closer to the aquatic section is more swamp-like than the other side, due to the humidity. And the desert section pretty much sucks up excess moisture in the air, which keeps the whole area balanced.

And yes, there are animals on the island to suffice as food for the snakes and the city dwelling mobians. The island can be visited by aerial transit, either by people wanting to simply visit the island, or bringing in new snakes. And if anyone's wondering, the snakes are mobian as well. Nagas also share the island. Um... These sentences are getting cheesy... Anyway, I also said in another picture of mine somewhere, I think, that the serpents are civilized, so they aren't just predatory all the time. They can be conversed with, but they aren't savvy with mainland stuff, so pretty much any big events that happened where everything else goes on, they won't know about it. Methinks they'd also be illiterate.

I may put up the size of the island eventually, it's just kind of hard to put numbers to an imaginary place. .3. And an interesting thing about this island is that there are 16 special nagas living within it that serve as the guardians of the island. Long ago when the island was created (well I say that, it was found in its spot and turned into a levitating island and reconfigured into its current habitual organization, funnily enough by the nagas), those nagas set up posts at points along the mountain ridge, and they possess a unified power that they use to protect the island from natural disasters. How it works is basically the first naga to activate their corresponding post, causes the post to send a bright beam of light shooting across the island, which then signals the other nagas to activate their posts, and the light beams cross together right over the city section, before fanning out and creating an energy barrier over the landmass. The 16 guardian nagas are all over 700 years old, and they all live near their posts; four in each section, excluding the city.

The main reason for this island's purpose was to give giant mobian snakes a home away from the mainland, being as snakes in general can be dangerous creatures, and making them bigger, stronger, and smarter wasn't boding well for life in the bigger areas. But people didn't want to just kill them off, that wouldn't be fair. Mobian snakes do still appear on the mainland, and are only left alone if they can stand well for mainland life.


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Single characters:
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Background - 20pts *please go easy, I'm not good at these..*

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Background - 20

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Doing another for today. :D


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